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Cleaning And Care - AEG KM 7.. Assistent Operating Instructions Manual

Aeg food processor
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Operating multifunction section
0 Open cover (fig. 1/F) and place all
ingredients required in the all-purpose
Caution: Do not exceed maximum fill-
ing volume:
– liquid 1.75 litres
– solid 1.5 litres
Further ingredients can be added dur-
ing operation through the filling inlet.
The filling beaker in the stopper (fig.
1/E) can also be used for this purpose.
Close the filling inlet immediately each
time to avoid splashes.
Use the stopper exclusively to com-
press the cutting items!
0 Start the appliance: turn speed selector
(fig. 1/l) right to the desired speed set-
ting or press the pulse button (fig. 1/J).
It is recommended to start at a slow
speed and then to increase the speed.
The appliance operates at maximum
speed by pressing the pulse button.
Refer to the section "Tips on using
multifunction section" for reference
If the warning lamp (fig. 4/a) flashes
and the appliance cannot be started,
the safety cover for the mixer drive
(figs. 1/S and 4) is not properly fitted.
0 Switch off appliance: turn speed selec-
tor left to the "0" position.
0 After using, turn cover clockwise and
Only remove the cover when the tool
has come to a complete stop!
0 Remove the tool and spindle.
0 Turn the all-purpose bowl clockwise
and remove.
Citrus press (KM 750 only)
Preparation (fig. 13)
0 Fit all-purpose bowl as described above
(fig. 5).
0 Place sieve insert of citrus press (fig.
13/a) on all-purpose bowl (arrow
on arrow
wise to the stop. The sieve insert can
be heard to engage, arrow
coincide with arrow
0 Insert press cone (fig. 13/b) in sieve
Operating citrus press
0 Start appliance: turn speed selector
(fig. 1/J) right to position 1.
The citrus press must only be operated
at the lowest speed.
0 Switch off appliance: turn speed selec-
tor left to the "0" position.
0 Remove press cone after use.
0 Turn sieve insert clockwise and remove.
0 Turn all-purpose bowl clockwise and
The unit should not run for longer than
10 minutes without interruption. It
must cool for at least 20 minutes after
running for 10 minutes.

Cleaning and care

Motor casing
Ensure that no liquid enters the motor
0 Clean the motor casing with a moist
cloth. Never immerse in water or hold
under running water!
) and turn cunter-clock-

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