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AEG KM 8.. Assistent Operating Instructions Manual

Aeg food processor


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KM 8.. Assistent
Food processor
Robot de cuisine
Robot de cocina
Robot de cozinha
Operating instructions
Mode d'emploi
Instrucciones para el uso
Instruções de utilização


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  • Page 1 KM 8.. Assistent Küchenmaschine Food processor Robot de cuisine Robot de cocina Robot de cozinha Keukenmachine Gebrauchsanweisung Operating instructions Mode d’emploi Instrucciones para el uso Instruções de utilização Gebruiksaanwijzing...
  • Page 8: Dear Customer

    Dear customer, Description of appliance (Fig. 1) Please read these operating instruc- tions through carefully. Above all please follow the safety Picture shows KM 850 instructions on the first few pages of Motor casing these operating instructions! Please Mix container * keep the operating instructions for Mixer cover future reference.
  • Page 9: Safety Instructions

    • Switch the appliance off and withdraw Safety instructions the mains plug each time before clean- The safety standards of AEG electric ing and maintenance. appliances are in keeping with the rec- • Never dip the motor casing (fig. 1/A) in ognised rules of technology and the water or other liquids.
  • Page 10: Safety System

    • For normal work (stirring light doughs, General operating etc.) the appliance can be used for up instructions to 10 minutes without stopping. It should be allowed to cool each time The food processor helps in many ways following prolonged, continuous oper- for the preparation of food: ation (for at least 20 minutes after •...
  • Page 11: Overload Cut-Out

    Overload cut-out Mixer The appliance is equipped with an The mixer is used to prepare a wide overload cut-out, which switches the range of mixed drinks, to crush ice, appliance off if it starts to overheat, reduce fruit and vegetables, etc. protecting the unit from damage.
  • Page 12 immediately every time to avoid French fries cutter splashing. For cutting potatoes for French fries. 0 Start the mixer: turn speed selector (fig. 1/l) to the right to the desired Cheese grater speed or press the pulse button For grating hard cheese, e.g. (fig.
  • Page 13 0 Place the insert with the tip at the cen- Inserting tools tre of the insert holder and place in the The following tools can be selected for recess of the disk (fig. 10). insertion: 0 To remove the insert draw slightly out- •...
  • Page 14: Citrus Press

    Citrus press Mixer Container and blade can be cleaned Preparation (fig. 13) easily and properly with the aid of the pulse position. 0 Fit all-purpose bowl as described above 0 Fill the mix container half full with (fig. 5). warm (not hot!) water and add a few 0 Place sieve insert of citrus press (fig.
  • Page 15: Technical Data

    Caution: The metal blade (fig. 1/Q) is instructions, please contact your extremely sharp! Danger of injury! retailer or the AEG customer service. Hold the metal blade only by the han- dle and store only with the blade guard fitted! •...
  • Page 16: Tips For Use

    Tips for use • Crushing ice: always add a little water to the container before crushing ice. • When processing dry mixtures it may Mixer be necessary to switch off the appli- ance occasionally, to open the mixer lid • The mixer is very well suited for chop- and scrape the mixture from the walls ping small amounts of food such as of the container with the scraper.
  • Page 17 Multifunction section Working with the insert holder Correct supply of the foods through Chopping the filling inlet is very important. For a uniform result pieces of size as Cut the prepared foods a little smaller equal as possible should be processed. if necessary, so that they pass easily The food should be cut or broken up through the filling inlet.
  • Page 18 Tool Food Max. Speed Notes amount Chopping Metal blade Vegetables, e.g. onions 800 g 3 – 5 Fruit and vegetables should fruit 800 g be fresh and firm, use pieces fresh herbs 1 bunch of roughly equal size nuts, almonds 500 g chocolate 400 g...
  • Page 19 Recipes Basic recipe for sponge Basic recipe for cake mix white of egg 500 g flour 4 tbsp. cold water 1 pck. baking powder 200 g sugar 250 g soft margarine or butter 1 pck. vanilla sugar 250 g sugar yolk of egg 1 pck.
  • Page 20 Basic recipe for short pastry Basic recipe for yeast dough 250 g flour 500 g flour 1 tsp. baking powder 40 g yeast (fresh) or 1 pck. dry yeast 125 g cold margarine or butter 80 g sugar 60 g sugar 1 pinch salt...
  • Page 21 Vertriebsorganisationen. Diese können dort eingesehen werden. Anregungen oder bei Problemen rund um unsere Kleingeräte und Raumpflegegeräte In these countries our AEG sales organisations own guarantee montags bis freitags von 8 bis 18 Uhr conditions are applicable. Please obtain further details direct.
  • Page 22 AEG Hausgeräte GmbH Postfach 1036 D-90327 Nürnberg © Copyright by AEG 822 949 289 - 0704...

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