Cleaning And Care; Technical Data; Customer Service - AEG KM 4.. Assistent Operating Instructions Manual

Food processor/hand mixer
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Mixing bowl speed
Use speed "II" for whisking egg white,
cream and light cake mixtures. Use
speed "I" for heavy dough and large

Cleaning and care

Residues of carrot and red cabbage
juice can be removed from the plastic
parts with cooking oil before the appli-
ance is cleaned.
Mixer and processor stand
Remove the plug from the mains
socket before cleaning.
Ensure that no water penetrates into
the inside of the appliance! Never
clean the appliance under running
water and never immerse in water.
0 Wipe the mixer and processor stand
with a damp cloth.
Whisks and dough hooks
0 Clean the whisks and dough hooks
with a brush or a cloth under running
water or in the dishwasher!
Stainless steel mixing bowl
(KM 450 only)
0 The stainless steel mixing bowl (not the
lid!) can be washed in the dishwasher.
The lid of the stainless steel mixing
bowl must not be washed in the dish-
Plastic mixing bowl
(KM 400 only)
Wash the plastic mixing bowl in water
with washing-up liquid.
If you wish to wash the plastic mixing
bowl in the dishwasher, it must be
placed in the upper basket.
Store the dough hooks and whisks in
the mixing bowl located on the proces-
sor base. This will protect them from

Technical data

Mains voltage: 230 - 240 V
Power consumption: 380 W
Maximum continuous operating time:
10 minutes
This appliance complies with the fol-
lowing EC directives:
• 73/23/EEC of 19/2/1973 "Low volt-
age directive", including the modifi-
cation directive 93/68/EEC.
• 89/336/EEC of 3/5/1989 "EMC direc-
tive", including the modification
directive 92/31/EEC.

Customer service

The highest quality standards apply for
our appliances. If nevertheless a distur-
bance should arise, for which you can
find no solution in the operating
instructions, please contact your
retailer or the AEG customer service.



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