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Safety System - AEG KM 7.. Assistent Operating Instructions Manual

Aeg food processor
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• Do not run the appliance for more
than 10 minutes without stopping.
After 10 minutes running time the
appliance must cool down for at least
20 minutes. When processing very
heavy items, e.g. 1.5 kg dough, the
appliance should not be switched on
for longer than 1 minute without stop-
• Always first remove the tools and spin-
dle before removing the contents of
the bowl.
• Do not exceed the maximum filling
• Only use the appliance under supervi-
sion. The mains plug should be with-
drawn even when leaving the room for
a short time.
• After finishing work switch off the
appliance and withdraw the mains
Dispose of the packaging!
Do not simply throw away the packag-
ing. Please observe the following
Packaging can be put to the old paper
Polyethylene plastic bags (PE) can be
given to the PE collection points for
recycling. Padding of expanded poly-
styrene (PS) is CFC free and can be
given to the relevant collection points
(recycling depot). Please contact your
recycling depot through your munici-
pal authorities.
Dispose of your old appliance!
When you eventually stop using your
appliance please bring it to the nearest
recycling centre or to your dealer who
will take it back for a small fee.
General operating
The food processor helps in many ways
for the preparation of food:
• The mixer is used for the preparation
of a wide range of mixed drinks, to
crush ice, reduce fruit and vegetables,
• The multifunction unit can be used for
example for
– preparing dough ...
– chopping meat, nuts or similar
items ...
– cutting, grating or rasping vegeta-
bles or fruit ...
– cutting French fries ...
– whisking cream or egg white ...
– and squeezing lemons, oranges,
grapefruit (KM 750 only)

Safety system

The appliance has various safety sys-
• The mixer or all-purpose bowl can only
be put into operation when the rele-
vant container and associated cover
are correctly fitted.
• The all-purpose bowl can only be put
into operation when the mix container
is removed and the safety cover for the
mixer drive (figs. 1/S and 4) is fitted.
Children should nevertheless be kept
away from the appliance.
The appliance should only be operated
on a level, dry working surface.

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