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Safety Instructions - AEG KM 7.. Assistent Operating Instructions Manual

Aeg food processor
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Safety instructions

The safety standards of AEG electric
appliances are in keeping with the rec-
ognised rules of technology and the
law governing the safety of appliances.
Nevertheless as a manufacturer we are
committed to familiarise you with the
following safety instructions:
General safety
• The appliance may only be connected
to a power supply whose voltage and
frequency comply with the specifica-
tions on the rating plate!
• Never pick up the appliance if
– the lead is damaged,
– the housing is damaged.
• Never use the lead to pull the plug out
from the socket.
• In order to avoid danger, if the connec-
tion lead of this appliance is damaged,
it must be replaced by the manufac-
turer, its customer service department
or a similarly qualified person.
• Repairs to the appliance may only be
carried out by trained personnel. As a
result of incorrect repairs considerable
dangers for the user may result. Please
contact the AEG customer service
department or your dealer in the event
of repairs being necessary.
• The appliance is only intended for
processing foods in the home. The
manufacturer accepts no liability for
damage caused by improper use or use
other than for the intended purpose.
Safety of children
• Never leave the appliance unattended
when on and supervise particularly
carefully if young children are
To be noted when using the food
• Never put the appliance into use when
the hands are wet.
• No paints (lacquer, polyester, etc.) must
be stirred with the appliance – Explo-
sion danger!
• Switch the appliance off and withdraw
the mains plug each time before clean-
ing and maintenance.
• Never dip the motor casing (fig. 1/A) in
water or other liquids.
• The manufacturer accepts no liability
for possible damage caused by
improper or incorrect use.
• The tools must only be inserted or
removed from the appliance when it is
disconnected from the mains supply.
• Caution: The metal blade (fig. 1/P) is
extremely sharp! Danger of injury!
The metal blade should only be held by
the handle and only stored with the
blade protector fitted! Caution when
• Caution: The cutting inserts (fig. 9)
are very sharp! Danger of injury! Keep
the inserts only in the accessories com-
partment provided (fig. 1/K). Caution
when rinsing!
• Caution: The blade unit of the mixer
(fig. 14/a) is very sharp. Danger of
injury! Care should be taken when dis-
assembling and assembling the mixer.
• Caution: Never reach with the fingers
in the filling inlet (fig. 1/F)! Danger of
• Caution: No hard objects (e.g. spoons)
must be placed in the mixer while run-
ning and do not reach into the mix
container with the hands. Danger of
• The cover should only be removed
when the tools are stationary.
• Do not hold long objects (blade,
wooden spoon, dough scraper or the
like) in the filling inlet. Danger of
injury! Work only with the stopper (fig.
1/E) to compress the cut food.
• Do not fill hot liquids (only cold or
warm) in the mix container or all-pur-
pose bowl.
• Always place the all-purpose bowl (fig.
1/G) on the motor casing before insert-
ing the spindle (fig. 1/H) and the tools.

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