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Standard Features - HP 331FLR Specification

Ethernet 1gb 4-port 331flr adapter



Standard Features

Product Features
Quad-port 1 Gigabit
Ethernet Throughput
Jumbo Frames
802.1Q VLANs
TCP/IP Stateless
Time synchronization
(IEEE 1588)
Optimized for
FlexibleLOM for select HP Gen8 Rack servers
Industry-leading hardware integration for low power
Quad-port 1GbE provides up to 8Gb/s full duplex throughput per adapter
Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) support
Optimized for virtual servers
Improved small packet performance
Support for Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE)
The HP 331FLR adapter provides 2,000 Mbps full duplex Ethernet transfer rate per port (8 Gbps aggregate
full duplex) delivers outstanding network performance that improves response time and removes
bottlenecks. With a theoretical throughput of 1 Gbps each direction, the x4 PCI Express bus is more than
capable of supporting the 331FLR's four gigabit ports. Four ports on a single adapter are ideal for high
density, I/O slot constrained servers, virtualization and security, applications, server consolidation, and
increased network segmentation. The total aggregate throughput of 4Gbps also meets the needs for
customers desiring high bandwidth but are not yet ready to move to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
NOTE: Port enumeration on the 331FLR is from the bottom up, i.e. the port closest to the gold teeth is port
#1 and the port near the top of the adapter is port #4
The HP 331FLR FlexibleLOM supports jumbo frames, permits up to a 9K byte (KB) transmission unit (MTU)
when running Ethernet, which is over five times the size of standard 1500-byte Ethernet frame. Jumbo
frames can help achieve higher throughput and better CPU utilization and are particularly useful for
database transfer and tape backup operations.
Up to 17 Message Signaled Interrupt (Extended) provides performance benefits for multi-core servers by
load balancing interrupts between CPUs/cores.
IEEE 802.1Q virtual local area network (VLAN) protocol allows each physical port of the HP 331FLR to be
separated into multiple virtual NICs for added network segmentation and enhanced security and
performance. VLANs increase security by isolating traffic between users. Limiting the broadcast traffic to
within the same VLAN domain also improves performance.
For overall improved system response, the HP 331FLR supports TCP, IP, UDP checksum offload, Large
Send Offload (LSO), TCP, and Segmentation Offload (TSO). These features optimize host efficiency, leaving
the CPU available for other duties
Hardware assist for IEEE 1588 and IEEE 802.1AS time synchronization implementations for time sensitive
I/O Virtualization support for VMware NetQueue and Microsoft VMQ help meet the performance demands
of consolidated virtual workloads.
DA - 14214 Worldwide — Version 9 — September 10, 2013
HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331FLR Adapter
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