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Generac Power Systems 004988-4 Owner's Manual: Torque Specifications; Engine Oil Recommendations; Coolant Recommendations; Before Installation

Liquid-cooled, prepackaged standby generator.
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Cylinder Head ............................................ 15 (+ 90° + 90°)
Intake Manifold ................................................................ 13
Exhaust Manifold ............................................................. 13


The unit has been filled with 5W-20 engine oil at the
factory. Use a high-quality detergent oil classified "For
Service CC, SD, SE, SF ." Detergent oils keep the engine
cleaner and reduce carbon deposits. Use oil having
the following SAE viscosity rating, based on the ambi-
ent temperature range anticipated before the next oil
Above 80° F (27° C)
32° to 80° F (-1° to 27° C)
Below 32° F (0° C)
Synthetic oil is highly recommended in any element
with temperatures above 90° F or below 30° F .
Any attempt to crank or start the engine before it
has been properly serviced with the recommend-
ed oil may result in an engine failure.


Use a mixture of half low silicate ethylene glycol base
anti-freeze and half de-ionized water. Cooling system
capacity is about 12 U.S. quarts (11.4 liters). Use only
de-ionized water and only low silicate anti-freeze. If
desired, add a high quality rust inhibitor to the rec-
ommended coolant mixture. When adding coolant,
always add the recommended 50-50 mixture.
Do not use any chromate base rust inhibitor
with ethylene glycol base anti-freeze or chro-
miumhydroxide ("green slime") forms and will
cause overheating. Engines that have been oper-
ated with a chromate base rust inhibitor must
be chemically cleaned before adding ethylene
glycol base anti-freeze. Using any high silicate
anti-freeze boosters or additives will also cause
overheating. It is also recommend that any solu-
ble oil inhibitor is NOT USED for this equipment.


Before installing this equipment, check the ratings
of both the generator and the transfer switch. Read
"Emergency Isolation Method" and "Total Circuit
Isolation Method" in Sections 2.5 and 2.6.
Section 2 — Installation
Liquid-cooled 30 kW Generators
Oil Grade (Recommended)
SAE 5W-20
SAE 5W-20
SAE 5W-20
The generator's rated wattage/amperage capacity
must be adequate to handle all electrical loads that
the unit will power. The critical (essential) loads may
need to be grouped together and wired into a sepa-
rate "emergency" distribution panel.
This generator can be installed in conjunction with
an engineered "GTS" type transfer switch, if neces-
The standard transfer switch has no sensing or con-
trolling circuit boards. Instead, the generator control
console houses a "Printed Circuit Board Assembly",
which controls all phases of operation, including
engine start up and load transfer.
Connecting this generator to an electrical system
normally supplied by an electric utility shall be
by means of a transfer switch, so as to isolate
the electric system from the utility distribution
system when the generator is operating. Failure
to isolate the electric system by these means
will result in damage to the generator and may
also result in injury or death to utility workers
due to backfeed of electrical energy.
If an open bottom is used, the engine-generator
is to be installed over non-combustible materi-
als and should be located such that combustible
materials are not capable of accumulating under
the generator set.
Only qualified, competent installation contractors
or electricians thoroughly familiar with applicable
codes, standards and regulations should install this
standby electric power system. The installation must
comply strictly with all codes, standards and regula-
tions pertaining to the installation.
After the system has been installed, do nothing
that might render the installation in noncompli-
ance with such codes, standards and regulations.
The following published standards booklets pertain-
ing to standby electric systems are available form
the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA),
Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269:
It is essential to use the latest version of any stan-
dard to ensure correct and current information.


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