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Safety Instructions; Delivery Checks; Safety In Everyday Use - Electrolux EGO23000X Instruction And Installation Manual

Bio waste disposer


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Read the warnings in this manual carefully before attempting any kind of
operation on the waste disposer. The following instructions are important for
user safety; it is therefore essential to fully understand them, before using the
waste disposer.

Delivery checks

Check that, inside the packaging, along with the waste disposer you have
connecting hose for water inlet
connecting hose for water outlet
instruction manual, containing
certificate of guarantee
nearest technical assistance
accordance compliance statement
Upon delivery the user must check that the above documents as well as
the waste disposer, have been delivered in perfect condition.
If the waste disposer is damaged, do not attempt to make it work, but
contact the manufacturer or Service Force Centre.
dispose of packaging according to current legislation.

Safety in everyday use

The waste disposer is designed for use in the home for the following purpose:
shredding of solid/organic waste.
For different types of waste treatable, see section on "Technical
Use the waste disposer exclusively for its intended purpose for the
treatment of types of waste specified.
Manuale di Installazione ed Uso
Instruction and Installation Manual
Rev.: A


Table of Contents

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