Switching Off The Waste Disposer - Electrolux EGO23000X Instruction And Installation Manual

Bio waste disposer
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Before pressing the Start button, check both trays are properly closed,
otherwise the waste disposer will not start.
On conclusion of the complete cycle, the waste disposer stops and signals
the end of the cycle with three "beeps". A few seconds later, the trays are
unblocked. The red LED on the Start button switches off and that on the
Stop button comes on.
Only at this point can the user open the shredding tray to insert a new
load, or the bottom tray for emptying.
If the Stop/Start button is pressed during a cycle, the waste disposer will
stop. Pressing the button again will begin a complete cycle from the

Switching off the waste disposer

Press the On/Off button and the waste disposer will switch off.
Manuale di Installazione ed Uso
Instruction and Installation Manual
Rev.: A


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents