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Safety In Case Of Damage To The Waste Disposer; Safety When Disposing Of Waste Disposer; Respect For The Environment - Electrolux EGO23000X Instruction And Installation Manual

Bio waste disposer


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Safety in case of damage to the waste disposer

Should the waste disposer not be working properly, do not attempt to
repair it yourself. Contact your Service Force Centre. On no account should
you change the plug.
Before servicing the machine, make sure that the plug is disconnected
from the power supply.
It is strictly forbidden to replace or tamper with the trays blocking controls.
Should these be damaged, do not use the waste disposer and call Service
Force Centre.

Safety when disposing of waste disposer

When disposing of the waste disposer, first of all disconnect the plug from
the socket and cut the cable so that it cannot be used.
Dispose of the waste disposer according to regulations current in your
country for special refuse.
Dispose of the remaining liquid, according to instructions on the container.

Respect for the environment

All packaging materials can be recycled. Please use the appropriate
recycling bins available in your country of residence.
All packaging is made of environmentally friendly materials. Plastic
materials can be recycled and are:
All paper/cardboard parts are made from recycled paper.
The deodorizing solution is an organic product and completely
Manuale di Installazione ed Uso
Instruction and Installation Manual
Rev.: A


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