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AEG EWH-basis User Manual page 3

Storage water heater
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PROTECTION VOLUME.- It is the volume situated within the
horizontal planes previously stated for the prohibited volume
plus another two vertical ones 1,00 meters away from those
of the said volume.
No switches, power sockets or lighting equipment must be
installed within the PROHIBITED volume.
Do not install switches within the PROTECTION volume; this
does not apply, however, to safety power sockets.
If possible the heater must be installed outside the PROHIBITED
VOLUME so as to prevent water splashing against the unit.
Power must be supplied via a multi-polar switch, circuit breaker
Filling up. Open the shutoff cock as soon as the heater has
been installed. Open the hot water taps. Water appears as
soon as the unit fills up completely. Close the laps and check
the system for leaks. Do not connect the heater to the power
mains if uncertain as to whether it is foll or not.
Electric connection. Plug into the mains and press the main
power input switch. A light flashes when the heating element
is activated (on some models). The thermostat re-connects
the heating element after a certain amount of water has been
Setting water temperatures. In the case of top-range models,
the external control knob allows water temperature adjustments
between 30 C (min. setting) and 70 C (max. setling).
E Position. (Energy saving) the water reaches a temperature
of approx. 55 C thus allowing the heater to operate economically.
Heat losses are minimal and calcareous deposits are practically
fully eliminated.
The heater does not require a special maintenance procedure.
Clean by wiping with a soft cloth or damp sponge. Never use
abrasives nor detergents.
The customer is advised to contact the AFTER SALES
SERVICE to check the magnesium bar once the guarantee
has expired. Although this particular operation is not covered
by the guarantee, as it does not imply «unit servicing», it does
allow the wear rate of the bar to be monitored and to establish
how soon it should be changed. Moreover, indefinite heater
duration can be guaranteed.
or contactor. Adequate power rating fuses shall be made
available for unit protection purposes.
All electrical installations shall incorporate an earthing
connection. The plug used by the heater already has this
connection and only has to be inserted in a mains socket of
the same features.
Make sure the household or place of installation does have
an earth line. If not available, a differential switch is
The electric connection must be made with a power cable Type
H05VVF 3x1,5 (Serie basis/N).
Heating element power setting switch. The deluxe and super
deluxe models incorporate double power rating features and
a switch for power setting changes:
Pos. II;
Pos. I; ; MIN.: Minimum power
It is advisable to have the heater plugged into the mains
permanently as the thermostat will only activate the unit when
it becomes necessary to maintain the selected temperature
How to empty the unit. The heater should be fully drained if
left unused for extended periods of time or if subject to freezing
hazards where installed. This can be done by means of the
safety valve (not safety valve basis). Always remember:
- Cut-off the power supply
- Shut-off the inqut cock
- Open the hot water tap.
Any overheating caused by thermostat failures is offset by the
safety limiting device cutting both stages off and leaving the
heater without power input.
If this happens, contact our After Sales Service.
WARNING.- Never remove the lead cover without previously
disconnecting the heater from the power supply.
THE MANUFACTURER reserves the right to modify the
characteristics and specifications of all products wilhout prior
; MAX.: Total power
Two heating elements
Three heating elements
Heating element



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