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Cleaning The Burners, Grates And Trivets; Cleaning The Grates - Electrolux EI24GC15KS Use And Care Manual

Gas cooktop
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Cleaning burners, grates, and

Cleaning the grates

The burner grates are dishwasher safe and may be
cleaned in the dishwasher. Remove any excessive
soils before placing in the dishwasher.
● For proper gas fl ow and ignition of the burners
— DO NOT allow spills, food, cleaning
agents or any other material to enter the gas
orifi ce opening.
● The cooktop is not removable. Do not attempt
to remove or lift the cooktop.
● To avoid possible burns use care when
cleaning the cooktop. DO NOT attempt to clean
the cooktop whenever the cooktop or burner
heads are still hot.
● To avoid possible burns DO NOT attempt any
of the following cleaning instructions provided
before turning OFF all of the surface burners
and allow them to cool.
● To avoid possible burns DO NOT attempt to
operate the surface burners without the burner
Your appliance is shipped with the burner heads
and burner caps in the correct locations. Before
using your gas appliance be sure to:
● Follow installation instructions before operating.
● Remove all packing tape from cooktop area.
Care and Cleaning
Trivets and burners
These can all be lifted off and removed for separate
cleaning. This appliance is fi tted with single-piece
burners (except triple ring wok burner) for ease of
cleaning. The burners and trivets are removable for
easy cleaning.
Note: When refi tting the burners, ensure that they
are correctly seated.
Ensure burners are thoroughly dried after cleaning
or spillage. When cleaning the burners, ensure
that all the fl ame ports are free of any blockage.
If necessary, use a toothpick or brush to clear
ports. The outer surface of the burners have a
polished fi nish and extra care needs to be taken
to avoid scratching this surface during cleaning. In
instances of heavy soiling, it may be necessary to
apply a non-abrasive cleaning compound and rub
with a cloth until the soiling is removed and then
fi nish with a soft, dry cloth.
Note: DO NOT place burners in the dishwasher.
GENTLY clean the spark plug and fl ame safe guard
sensor (where fi tted) with a damp cloth to avoid
lighting diffi culties. Ensure the electrode is dry
before use.
Ensure the injector remains free of any foreign
material. If necessary, use a thin piece of wire to
clear the orifi ce.
Flame safe
guard sensor


Table of Contents

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