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Fujitsu Plasmavision PV42VCA30W User Manual

Wide plasma display with optional videoboard (p-te1100/p-te1110/p-te1130); with optional videoboard (hetes01/hetes02)
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(Functions and connections)
• Accessories ······················································ E-2
• Part Names and Functions ······················· E-3-E-6
• Installation ······················································· E-7
• Options ······················································ E-8-E-9
• Factory Settings ············································ E-10
• Specification ··················································· E-11
Before using the display, read the User's manual (1/2) and the User's manual (2/2) carefully so that you know how
to use the display correctly.
Refer to these manuals whenever questions or problems about operation arise. Be sure to read and observe the
safety precautions.
Keep these manuals where the user can access them readily.
* Installation and removal require special expertise. Consult your product dealer for details.
Before Use
• Safety Precautions ··············· User's manual (2/2)
• Using the Remote Control ··· User's manual (2/2)
• Connecting the Display to External
Equipment ···························· User's manual (2/2)
• Basic Operations ·················· User's manual (2/2)
• Selecting Input Mode ··········· User's manual (2/2)
• Watching Pictures on the Wide Screen
··············································· User's manual (2/2)
• Adjusting Pictures (PICTURE Menu)
··············································· User's manual (2/2)
• Adjusting Screen Position and Size
(POSITION/SIZE Menu) ········ User's manual (2/2)
• Adjusting Audio (AUDIO Menu)
··············································· User's manual (2/2)
• Other Adjustments
(FEATURES Menu) ··············· User's manual (2/2)
• Initialization of User Adjustment Value
(FACTORY DEFAULT) ··········· User's manual (2/2)
• Cleaning and Maintenance ··· User's manual (2/2)


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Fujitsu Plasmavision PV42VCA30W

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    USER’S MANUAL (1/2) (Functions and connections) WIDE PLASMA DISPLAY P42VCA30W/P42VCA30E WITH OPTIONAL VIDEOBOARD (P-TE1100/P-TE1110/P-TE1120/P-TE1130) HE4VS01W/HE4VS01E WITH OPTIONAL VIDEOBOARD (HETES01/HETES02) Contents Page • Accessories ······················································ E-2 Before Use • Part Names and Functions ······················· E-3–E-6 • Safety Precautions ··············· User’s manual (2/2) •...
  • Page 2: Accessories

    ACCESSORIES CHECKING ACCESSORIES • Display One remote control Two AA batteries Two user’s manuals One power cable Two big ferrite cores (W Type) (E Type) • Video board Two small ferrite cores Two user’s manuals Five M3 screws (supplied on models with external speaker output terminals) CONNECTING THE DISPLAY TO EXTERNAL EQUIPMENT...
  • Page 3: Part Names And Functions

    PART NAMES AND FUNCTIONS Front 1 Power indicator lamp This lamp shows the state of the power supply. Lit (red): Power OFF (stand-by) Lit (green): Power ON Lit (orange): Power saving (DPMS: Power saving function) mode ON Flashing (red or green): Malfunction (Flashes differently depending on the type of malfunction.) 2 Remote control signal receiver...
  • Page 4 PART NAMES AND FUNCTIONS (Continued) Back and bottom (With the video board) 1 OFF/STD-BY switch :The power indicator lamp goes off, and the power can’t be turned on by the power button. The power is partly supplied. STD-BY :The power indicator lamp lights red, and the power can be turned on or off by the power button. 2 RS-232C terminal (RS-232C) This terminal is provided for you to control the display from the PC.
  • Page 5 5 External speaker output terminal (EXT SP) Connect this terminal to the optionally available speaker. (When using other speaker than the optional one, use 4–16 Ω speaker.) When connecting a cable, attach a ferrite core to the cable. (See P. E-2.) 6 Sound 1 input terminal (AUDIO1 INPUT) 7 Sound 2 input terminal (AUDIO2 INPUT) 8 Sound 3 input terminal (AUDIO3 INPUT)
  • Page 6 PART NAMES AND FUNCTIONS (Continued) Description of Input Terminals RGB1 terminal (RGB1 INPUT/mD-sub) Pin No. Input signal Pin No. Input signal — Green Ground Blue — — — Ground Horizontal synchronization Ground Vertical synchronization Ground — Ground Frame Ground RS-232C terminal (RS-232C) Pin No.
  • Page 7: Installation

    INSTALLATION To prevent the display’s internal components from overheating, make sure that the display is installed in a well-ventilated location. Be sure to use the optional desktop stand, ceiling-mounting unit, wall-mounting unit and other unit when installing this display. Also, be sure that your dealer performs the installation.
  • Page 8: Options

    To prevent injury, fire, and electric shock, arrange for options to be initially installed (or installed at a different location) by your dealer. CAUTION: This display (P42VCA30, HE4VS01) is for use only with Fujitsu General Limited’s option (P- WB4201, P-CT4200, P-TT4200).
  • Page 9 INSTALLING THE VIDEO BOARD 1. Turn the power supply switch to OFF. 2. Remove the power plug from outlet. 3. Remove the metal fittings on the installation position at the rear of this device (M3 screw x 2). 4. Slide the video board into the installation opening along the left and right guide pins and insert the connectors.
  • Page 10: Factory Settings

    FACTORY SETTINGS This display can store the latest four types of signals for RGB adjustment value. The fifth input signal will delete the adjustment value of the first input signal. To do this, select a desired signal and follow the instructions in “Adjusting Screen Position and Size” on the User’s Manual (2/2) to adjust the parameters.
  • Page 11: Specification

    EMC: AS/NZS 3548 • Specifications and external appearance may be change for the sake of improvement. • is a worldwide trademark of Fujitsu General Limited and is a registered trademark in Japan, the U.S.A. and other countries or areas. E-11...