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Instruction For The Installer - Electrolux EHG 3760 Instruction Booklet

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5. Instruction for the Installer

The following instructions about installation and
maintenance must be carried out by qualified
personnel in compliance with the regulation in
The side walls of the unit in which the hob is
going to be installed, must not exceed the height
of the working top.
Avoid installing the appliance in the proximity of
inflammable materials (e.g. curtains, tea towels
The appliance must be electrically disconnected
before all interventions. If any electric supply to
the appliance is required to carry out the work,
ensure all the necessary precautions are followed.
FO 0264
FO 0265
A) Ramp with ending nut
B) Seal
C) Adjustable connection
Fig. 3
IMPORTANT - To ensure a correct operation, a saving
of energy and the long-life of the appliance, the feeding
pressure of the appliance must correspond to the
recommended values.
The adjustable connection is fixed to the comprehensive
ramp by means of a threaded nut G 1/2". Interpose the
sealing between the components as shown in Fig. 3.
Screw the parts without forcing, adjust the connection in
the required direction and tighten everything.
The adjustable connection allows the feeding pipe to be
situated in the site purposefully allocated on the side of
the protection box of the hob itself (Fig. 4). This
connection allows the overall dimensions of the hob
plus the fedding pipe to be contained into a depth of 30
IMPORTANT - When the final connection has been
made, it is essential that a thorough leak test is carried
out on the hob and installation. Use some soapy water,
never a flame.
A) Ramp ending with nut
B) Adjustable connection
C) Rigid or flexible metallic gas pipe
Fig. 4



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