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Technical Data; Instruction For The Installer; Gas Connection - Electrolux EHGT 318 User Manual

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Technical Data

Gas Burner Rating
Ultra-Rapid Burner
Class 3 Appliance
Liquid Gas G30/G31 28 - 30 mbar

Gas connection

Electric Supply
Hob recess dimensions

Instruction for the Installer

The following instructions about installation
and maintenance must be carried out by
qualified personnel in compliance with the
regulation in force.
The appliance must be electrically
disconnected before all interventions. If any
electric supply to the appliance is required to
carry out the work, ensure all the necessary
precautions are followed.
The side walls of the unit in which the hob is
going to be installed, must not exceed the
height of the working top.
Avoid installing the appliance in the proximity
of inflammable materials (e.g. curtains, tea
towels etc.).
Gas connection
It is indispensible that the connection to the gas mains
are carried out by means of an AGB tap. Choose fixed
connections or use a flexible pipe in AGB (stainless
If using flexible metallic pipes, be careful they do not
come in contact with mobile parts or they are not
squeezed. Use the same attention when the hob is
combinated with an oven.
IMPORTANT - To ensure a correct operation, a saving
of energy and the long-life of the appliance, the voltage
pressure of the appliance must correspond to the
recommended values.
Before fitting the appliance ensure that the installation
has the correct voltage for the appliance. At full capacity,
the drop in pressure must not exceed 5%. Such a drop in
pressure is caused by the following parameters:
maximum capacity of meter;
diameter and lenght of the tube in front and behind the
4,0 kW
G 1/2"
220 / 240 V ~ 50 / 60 Hz
270 mm.
490 mm.
This appliance complies with the following
73/23 - 90/683 (Low Voltage Directive);
89/336 (Electromagnetical Compatibility Directive);
90/396 (Gas Appliances)
93/68 (General Directives)
and subsequent modifications.
section of transit of variuos tubes positioned on the
diameter of eventual connections.
The adjustable connection is fixed to the comprehensive
ramp by means of a threaded nut G 1/2". All the
components shown in Fig. 2 have already been assembled
in the factory.
The appliance, before leaving the factory, has been tested
in order to give you the best results.
IMPORTANT - When the final connection has been
made, it is essential that a thorough leak test is carried
out on the hob and installation. Use some soapy water,
never a flame.
FO 2365
Fig. 2
A) Ramp with ending nut
B) Seal
C) Adjustable connection



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