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GE 2900 Series Product Manual

Packaged terminal air conditioners.
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GE Zoneline
terminal air conditioners
2008 contract sales architects and engineers data manual


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  • Page 1: Front Cover

    GE Zoneline packaged ® terminal air conditioners 2008 contract sales architects and engineers data manual...
  • Page 2: Mini Specs 2900, 900 And 5800 Series

    Full Specs on pages 54 and 55 ALL UNITS REQUIRE POWER CONNECTION KIT Power Connection Kit determines resistance heat output 7000 Btuh units do not activate 5 KW resistance heater 2900 Series Cooling with Electric Heat MODEL COOLING NUMBER (Btuh)
  • Page 3: Essential Elements Ordering Overview

    Power Connection Kits 230/208-Volt Line Cord Connection Units Electric Electric Line Cord Heat Heater BTUH Watts RAK15 8600/7100 2550/2090 RAK20 11700/9600 450/2820 RAK0 17100/1900 5000/4090 Electric Heat Amps include electric heater and fan motor current draw. Each Line Cord Kit has an integral Leakage Current Detection and Interruption (LCDI) or Arc Fault Current Interrupter (AFCI) device as required by National Electrical Code (NEC) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for units manufactured after August 1, 2004.
  • Page 4 See the “Features and Benefits” section for in-depth explanation of these changes and the industry-leading features of GE Zoneline retained from the previous series. The Deluxe 2900 Series Zoneline Models Includes The “Dry Air 25” Models Which Remove 25% More Moisture Than Other Zoneline Models.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Front Cover Mini Specs 2900, 900 and 5800 Series Mini Specs Power Connection Kits and Nomenclature The 2900/900/5800 and Dry 25 Table of Contents Introduction The Zoneline System Features and Benefits Features Table Features and Benefits Auxiliary Control Switches Central Desk Control Remote Thermostat Control Heat Pumps and Energy Savings...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    • Corrosion Protection • Internal Condensate Removal (on 900 Series Heat Pump without Corrosion Protection) NOTE: Dry Air 25 models include all the standard features of the 2900 Series plus standard corrosion protection. Premium Line Standard Features: All the Standard Features of the Deluxe Line Plus: •...
  • Page 7: The Zoneline System

    The Zoneline System ® The typical Zoneline installation consists of the wall case (or sleeve), chassis, and exterior grille. Some installations may use a sub-base for support of the unit or for ease of electrical connections. Each of the components should be the standard products offered by GE or, in the case of the exterior grille, approved by GE Applications Engineering.
  • Page 8 Zoneline Features ® Enhanced Dehumidification — Dry Air 25 Cooling EER Range (20 Volts/265 Volts) Heating COP Range (20 Volts/265 Volts) Heat Source — Electric Resistance Heat Heat Source — Heat Pump With Selectable Full Time or On Demand Simultaneous/ Supplemental Resistance Heat Staged Heating Universal Heater —...
  • Page 9: Features And Benefits

    Features and Benefits Standard Physical Dimensions GE has maintained the same dimensions since 1961 — 42" wide x 16" high x 1-/4" deep Replacement of older units is made easy. Weather-Protected Electrical Components Vital electrical components are protected from the weather by locating them on the indoor side of the weather barrier.
  • Page 10 Zonelines are also designed to provide a minimum of three minutes of compressor run time to prevent room occupant disturbance due to short-cycling of the air conditioner. Freeze Sentinel ™ Detects low room temperature and turns on heater to help protect against damage caused by freezing room temperature.
  • Page 11 Locking Door Kit RAK8023 — A door with a lock that replaces the standard control cover door to prevent unauthorized changing of control setting is offered as an accessory. ® 2900 Series with the Dry Air 25 heat pipe Dehumidifier ®...
  • Page 12: Auxiliary Control Switches

    Auxiliary Control Switches These switches are located behind the room cabinet under the control panel. 2900 and 3900 Series Switches Description Left Switches ALL I2R Heat pump override — Down — Normal heat pump operation Up — resistance heat only (900 Series only) C: FAN Fan control for cooling operation —...
  • Page 13 Auxiliary Control Switches These switches are located behind the room cabinet under the control panel. 5800 Series Switches Description Left Switches ALL I2R Heat pump override — Down — Normal heat pump operation Up — resistance heat only C: FAN Fan control for cooling operation —...
  • Page 14: Central Desk Control

    For instance, in some resort areas devices are connected to sliding glass doors and opening the door causes a contact to close, turning the air conditioner off. This prevents energy being wasted by operating the air conditioner when warm, humid air is entering the room.
  • Page 15: Remote Thermostat Control

    The AC voltage may not be compatible with some solid-state thermostats. The fan speed for the 2900 Series in remote thermostat operation is selected by the connection of the fan wire from the thermostat to either the HIGH or LOW terminal on the unit.
  • Page 16 Remote Thermostat Control Heat Pump Models The Zoneline 900 and 5800 Series heat pump units may ® be connected to a single-stage cooling/two-stage heating thermostat designed for use with heat pump systems. GE offers 2 thermostats compatible with the 900 and 5800 series units: RAK148D1 —...
  • Page 17 Field Wiring Terminal — 24V AC GL — Low-Speed Fan GH — High-Speed Fan Resistance Heat Models — Reversing Valve — Compressor W — Heater — Common - Ground Common — Ground White — Heater Yellow — Compressor Black — Reversing Valve Green —...
  • Page 18: Heat Pumps And Energy Savings

    Heat pumps save energy and cost less to operate than units with electric resistance heaters as the only heat source. Just as the EER of an air conditioner is an indication of the efficiency of the unit, COP (Coefficient of Performance) is the indication of the efficiency of the heat pump.
  • Page 19: Heat Pumps And Energy Savings

    Heat Pumps and Energy Savings Heat Pump Operation — Zoneline 3900 and 5800 Series Heat sources: Heat pump, heat pump and simultaneous electric resistance heat or electric resistance heat. Zoneline heat pumps employ a highly featured microprocessor control system interfaced with thermistors to accurately measure indoor air temperature, outdoor air temperature, indoor coil temperature and outdoor coil temperature.
  • Page 20: Application Comments

    Air Infiltration: Excessive air infiltration can magnify problems associated with undersizing or oversizing of an air conditioner unit and can be the root cause of insufficient cooling, dehumidification, or heating. Some sources of air infiltration include vents, gaps around windows and doors, and improperly sealed floor, ceiling and wall joints.
  • Page 21: Case Dimensions

    Dimensions RAB71A WALL CASE 16" WALL OPENING 16-1/4" MIN. x 42-1/4" MIN. RAB77 WALL CASE 13-7/8" 16-1/4" WALL OPENING 16-1/2" MIN. x 42-/8" MIN. WALL CASE WITH CHASSIS INSTALLED RAB71 = 13-3/4" RAB77 = 13-7/8" WALL CASE WITH SUB-BASE 3-1/2" *SHOWN WITH ACCESS COVERS REMOVED.
  • Page 22 Wall Case A choice of wall cases is available for the Zoneline. RAB71A — This insulated case is constructed of heavy-gauge galvanized steel and finished with a protective baked-enamel finish for protection and appearance. Design of the case provides for support of the chassis and free draining of any water entering the wall case.
  • Page 23 Sub-Base (Continued) RAK204D30P 208/20 volt 0-amp receptacle. Receptacle is NEMA6-0R with 18" of #12AWG wires attached to the receptacle. Short power connection kit included. Chaseway included. The junction box (RAK4002A for 2900 and 3900 Series units; RAK4002B for 5800 Series units) that mounts on the chassis of 230/208 volt sub-base connected units must be purchased separately.
  • Page 24 Many installations utilize an architectural window/louver combination to enhance the exterior appearance of the building. The exterior grille for the air conditioner is built as an integral part of the window frame. An internal drain system is highly recommended for these installations (see page 6).
  • Page 25: The 2900/900/5800 And Dry

    Preparation of the Wall Case for All Types of Construction Do not remove the stiffener from inside the wall case or the weather closure panel from the outside face of the wall case until the outdoor grille and chassis are ready to be installed. Installation of Wall Case in Wall Opening 1.
  • Page 27
  • Page 29
  • Page 31
  • Page 32 CABINET ROOM...
  • Page 33
  • Page 34: Condensate Disposal Systems 4-6

    (a door or window left open while the unit is running, for instance) it is possible for any air conditioner to be unable to dissipate all the cooling condensate generated. All Zoneline Series Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners ®...
  • Page 35
  • Page 37: Ducted Installations 7-9

    Ducted Installations 2900 and 3900 Series Zoneline units may be used in ducted installations. With a ducted installation it is possible to condition the air in two areas that have a common wall separating them. A special adapter mounts on the wall case and a transition piece directs the air from the unit into the adapter.
  • Page 40: Exterior Grilles

    Exterior Grilles Four styles of outdoor grilles are available for exterior treatments. The standard stamped aluminum grille (RAG60), the molded architectural louvered exterior grilles (RAG61-6) and the extruded aluminum architectural louvered grille (RAG67). All grilles include air deflectors and gaskets to prevent condenser air recirculation.
  • Page 41 Exterior Architectural Treatments and Special Outdoor Grilles of special or oversized louvers for aesthetic reasons. Louvers other than standard Zoneline exterior grilles may be used on the Zoneline unit, however, these special louvers, or any special exterior architectural treatments of the building facade that may restrict the free circulation of condenser airflow, should be referred to GE Application Engineering for evaluation and approval.
  • Page 42 Power Connection for 2900, 900 and 5800 Series Zonelines All 2900, 900, and 5800 Series Zonelines are equipped with universal heaters allowing chassis installation flexibility. The Zoneline units are connected to the building power supply ® by a unique power connection kit. By utilizing a separate universal power connection (UPC) kit, each unit is capable of providing various outputs of electric resistance heat to more closely meet the heating requirements of the particular room,...
  • Page 43: Essential Elements Ordering Overview

    Essential Elements Ordering Overview 20/208-volt line-cord connected units — order line cord kit. 20/208-volt sub-base connected units — order sub-base (includes power connection kit) and junction box for chassis. 265-volt units — order sub-base and power connection kit separately. Electrical Wiring Information – 2900/900/5800 Series All Zonelines are single-phase 60 hertz units.
  • Page 44: Maximum Connected Load

    Maximum Connected Load The maximum connected load of a Zoneline amperage shown in the tables below is the combined total of the resistance heater and the indoor fan motor. 230/208-Volt Line Cord Connected Units RAK3153 RAK4157 RAK204D15P MODEL 230 V NUMBER AZ29E07DA* 11.5...
  • Page 45: Cooling/heat Pump Performance Data

    Cooling Performance Data Total Capacity - BTUH BTUH at 80º F D.B. - 67º F W.B. Zoneline 2900 & 3900 Series Nominal Capacity Temperature of Air 7000 9000 Entering Condenser 7750 9950 7500 9700 7400 9500 7100 9000 6700 8400 600 7800 Heat Pump Performance Data...
  • Page 46: Latent System Capacity

    Latent System Capacity The total capacity of an air conditioner is made up of the Sensible capacity, the output of the unit used to remove heat from the air in the area being conditioned, and the Latent capacity, the output of the unit used to dehumidify the air in the area being conditioned.
  • Page 47: Normal Yearly Operating Data

    Normal Yearly Operating Data (Cooling Hours based on 75°F indoor temperature with air conditioner sized to meet the design conditions.) ASHRAE Heating Estimated Degree Cooling Location Days Hours ALABAMA Birmingham 2,551 1,90 Huntsville ,070 1,40 Mobile 1,560 1,640 Montgomery 2,291...
  • Page 48: Schematics

    Typical 2900 Series, 208/20-Volt Wiring Diagram Typical 2900 Series, 208/20-Volt Schematic Diagram 900 Series, 208/20-Volt Wiring Diagrams...
  • Page 49 900 Series, 208/20-Volt Wiring Diagrams (continued)
  • Page 50 900 Series, 208/20-Volt Schematic Diagrams Schematic Diagram of AZ39H AC motor model (07) Schematic Diagram of AZ39H AC motor model (09,12.15) Schematic diagram of AZ39H DC motor model...
  • Page 51: Schematics

    Typical 5800 Series Wiring Diagram COLOR BK : BLACK BL : BLUE BR : BROWN GR : GREEN GY : GRAY OR : ORANGE RD : RED WH : WHITE YL : YELLOW RD*1 : RED (208/230V), : BLUE (265V) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 MAIN BOARD UNIT CN6 &...
  • Page 52: Suggested Bid Form Specifications

    Suggested Bid Form Specifications The following are suggested specifications for the Zoneline 2900 Series Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner, the 3900 Series Packaged Terminal Heat Pump and the 5800 Series Packaged Terminal Heat Pump. The contractor will furnish Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners of the sizes and capacities shown on the schedule and in the specifications.
  • Page 53 Suggested Bid Form Specifications (continued) Heat pump unit shall include Reverse Cycle Defrost that automatically begins a defrost cycle when microprocessor determines criteria for defrosting has been met. Defrosting shall be accomplished by systematically ceasing heat pump operation, pausing to allow internal refrigerant pressures to equalize, then operating the compressor with the flow of refrigerant reversed to allow the hot gas to flow through the outdoor coil melting the accumulated frost.
  • Page 54: Zoneline Chassis Nomenclature/receptacles/sub-bases

    Zoneline Chassis Nomenclature ® The Zoneline chassis is identified by a model number defining the type of unit, cooling capacity, electrical information and optional features included on the unit. When specifying or ordering the Zoneline chassis use of this nomenclature will assure receiving the correct unit.
  • Page 55: Specifications

    Amperes, L.R. Reverse cycle heat BTUH Watts Amps Weight (Net/Ship)* 102/117 Sound Transmission Class (STC) *ICR adds  pounds to unit weight **Corrosion model BTUH and watts may vary. 2900 series units AZ29E09D AZ29E12D 9,00/8,900 11,700/11,500 12.7/12.7 12.0/12.0 11.5/11.5 50/40...
  • Page 56: Complete Accessory List

    Complete Accessory List Kit Number Description RAA6 Spare Filters for AZ2900, AZ900 and AZ5800 Series units (10 pairs per box) RAB71A Steel Wall Case – 1 /4" deep RAB7116 Steel Wall Case – 16" deep RAB7124 Steel Wall Case – 24" deep RAB7128 Steel Wall Case –...
  • Page 57: General Installation Suggestions

    Consult the electrical inspector early in the project, especially if the power to the air conditioner is to be 265 volts, to understand what is required to comply with local electrical codes. Wall Case/Exterior Grille ™...
  • Page 58: Warranty

    Limited one-year warranty For one year from the date of the original purchase, GE will repair or replace any part of the air conditioner which fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship. During this limited one-year warranty, GE will provide, free of charge, all labor and related service costs to repair or replace the defective part.
  • Page 59: Features And Benefits Features Table

    Alphabetical Index Category Accessory List Application Comments Auxiliary Control Switches Case Dimensions Central Desk Control Condensate Disposal Systems Cooling/Heat Pump Performance Data Ducted Installations Dry Air Electrical Connection Essential Elements Ordering Overview Exterior Grilles Features and Benefits Features Table General Installation Suggestions Heat Pumps and Energy Savings Introduction to Zoneline ®...
  • Page 60: Back Cover

    A century of quality and innovation For more than a century, GE has been committed to producing innovative products that change the way people live. The result of thorough research and rigorous testing, GE appliances are designed for years of dependable performance. Today, the GE tradition of quality and innovation continues.

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