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Owner's Manual
Manual Del Propietario
Vacuum Cleaner
Model, Modelo
Before returning this product-
For replacement parts, please contact:
Sears Parts and Repair Center
Anytime, day or night
(U.S.A. only)
For any ot_herIssue, please contact.'
Vacuum Cleaner Help Line
8:00am-5:00pm EST, M-F
(U.SoA.and Canada)
Read and follow all
safety and operating
before first
use of this product.
Lea y siga todas las
instrucciones de operaci6n
y seguridad antes del uso de
este producto.
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
Printed in Mexico
Impreso en M6xico


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    Owner's Manual Manual Del Propietario Vacuum Cleaner Aspiradora 116.26212 Model, Modelo IMPORTANT Before returning this product- For replacement parts, please contact: Sears Parts and Repair Center (1-800-488-1222) Anytime, day or night (U.S.A. only) For any ot_herIssue, please contact.' Vacuum Cleaner Help Line...

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    Your vacu- um cleaner's model and serial numbers are located on the Model and Serial Number Plate. Use the space below to record the model number and serial number of your new Kenmore vacuum cleaner, Model No, Serial No.

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    Sears store, Sears Parts & Repair Center or other Kenmore outlet for free repair. if this vacuum cleaner is used for other than private family purposes, this warranty applies for only 90 days from the date of purchase°...

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    WARNING Yn_Ursafety is importa.nt to us. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock,. ury to persons or aamage when usm,g your vacuum meaner, tollow Dastc safety precautions including the following: Read all instructions in this manual before Use extra care when cleaning on stairs° Do assembling or using your vacuum cleaner.

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    it is important t o knowyourvacuumcleaner's partsandfeaturesto assureits properandsafe use,Reviewthesebeforeusingyourvacuumcleaner° Part Part No. Object Style No. in USA in Canada Headlight Bulb ..20-5240 20-40600 Belt CB-2 20-5201 20-40979 POWER-MATE s Cord Holder-- -- Handle Quick Release -- Upper Upper Wand Wand ,4-----...

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    HOSE ATTACHMENTS Crevice Toot 2.Way On/Off Switch Floor/Carpet Combination Brush Floor -_-- Hand/e Brush CANISTER Part No_ Part No, Object Style No. in USA in Canada Dust Bag 20-50558 20-50403 Exhaust Filter EF-2 20-86880 20-40320 Motor Safety Filter CF-I 20-86883 20-40321 On/Off Exhaust Filter Cover...

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    PACKING LIST on the cover of the separate REPAIR PARTS LIST. Use this list to verify that you have received all the components of your new Kenmore vacuum cleaner. WANDS Slide wands 8ut,o.-- Wand together until...

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    CANISTER HOSE I. Open the canister hood+ 1+Line up the 2. Check to see that the dust bag is proper- hose latch tab ly instatled. See BAG CHANGING and notch in instructions_ canister hoed 3. Check to see that the motor safety filter is and insert hose properly installed, See MOTOR SAFETY into canister until...

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    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS , WARNING Height Indicator Personal Injury and Product Damage Hazard DO NOT plug in if switch is in ON position. Personal injury or property damage could result. Release Pedal The cord moves rapidly when Pile rewinding, Keep children away Height and provide a clear path when Pedal...

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    Suggested sweeping pattern. Suction Control For best cleaning action, the Power-Mate ® should be pushed straight away from you and pulled straight back. At the end of each pull stroke, the direction of the Power-Mate ® should be changed to point into the next section to be cleaned_ This pattern should be continued across the carpet with slow, gliding motions_...

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    For best deep down cleaning, use the XLO HI - Shag, deep pile, or scatter rugs° setting. However, you may need to raise the MED - Medium to deep pile. height to make some jobs easier, such as scatter rugs and some deep pile carpets, LO - Low to medium piled and to prevent the vacuum cleaner from XLO - Most carpets and bare floors,...

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    CLEANING AREA ,._ ......L .... • Between Bare Carpeted ATTACHMENT FurnitureI Cushions 1 Stairs Floors Drapes1 Floors/Rugs Walls Combination Brush V" Crevice Tool v" Floor Brush Power.Mate ® Handi-Mate Jr2 3 Power.Mai'e jr.®3, 4_ V• Always clean attachments before using on fabrics. 2.

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    THERMALPROTECTOR To correct problem: Turn the vacuum cleaner off and unplug the power cord from This vacuum cleaner has a thermal protector the outlet to allow the vacuum cleaner to which automatically trips to protect the cool and the thermal protector to reset. vacuum cleaner from overheating.

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    CANISTER CARE For best cleaning results, the dust bag 7. The red bag mount will flip forward after should be changed often. removing bag. This will prevent the hood from closing until a new bag is installed. NOTE: See PARTS AND FEATURES Note: DO NOT bend or crease the middle Bag Number°...

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    WARNING 2. Lift the rubber Electrical Shock Hazard retainer and pull Unplug power cord from electrical out motor safety fil- ter as shown. outlet. Do not operate the vacuum cleaner without the motor safety filter, Be sure the filter is dry and properly installed to prevent motor failure and/or electrical...

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    POWER-MATE s CARE Always follow all safety precautions when li, WARNING performing maintenance to the Power.- Mate ®, Electrical Shock Or Personal Injury Hazard Disconnect electrical supply before performing maintenance to the vacuum cleaner. Failure to do so could result in electrical shock or personal injury from vacuum cleaner suddenly starting.

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    TO REPLACE BELT TO CLEAN AGITATOR: NOTE: In order to keep cleaning efficiency 1. Install new high and to prevent damage to your vacuum belt over cleaner, the agitator must be cleaned every motor drive, time the belt is changed. then over belt The agitator must also be cleaned according path,...

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    3. Push in and turn 1. Remove Power°Mate ® cover as shown in bulb clockwise, BELT CHANGING AND AGITATOR replacer Bulb must CLEANING section° not be higher than 15 Watts(130 Volts). And Turn 2. Push in and turn bulb counterclock- wise, then pull out 4.

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    Reviewthis chartto finddo-it-yourself solutionsforminorperformance problems, Any service needed, o therthanthosedescribed in this owner'smanual, s houldbe performed at a Sears servicecenter° ,i,iii1,1 ....ilUll,UllllU ,WARNING Disconnect electrical supply before performing maintenance to the vacuum cleaner. Failure to do so could result in electrical shock or persona! injury. i,,111 ,i,1,111,1111111 Vacuum cleaner won't...

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    Protection Agreements Congratulations on making a smart purchase. Your new Kenmore® product is designed and manu- factured for years of dependable operation. But like all products, it may require preventive mainte- nance or repair from time to time. That's when having a Master Protection Agreement can save you money and aggravation.

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    " ' ii i i!ili!iiii!i!ii!!iiiiii!ili!! _ii!i,iiiiii, iiiili>ii,! i,!_!ii,i_:_ Your Home _ii! ]!:_i;_i,!ii!_ii For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, _ii!_;i!_ii!i,i'ii;! no matter who made it, no matter who sold itl :i,![i:ii,!_!iii ;i i_ii:!•ii!i,! i i!i!i,i;i_ii!_i,...

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