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Summary of Contents for Bosch GSM 909 DUAL S

  • Page 2 PRECAUTIONS For your safety Medical electronics Please pay special attention to the fol- Mobile telephones may interfere with lowing simple guidelines. Breaking the the functionality of inadequately pro- rules may be dangerous or illegal. tected medical devices. Consult your physician or the manufacturer of the In-car safety medical device if in doubt.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    IMPORTANT NOTICE CONTENTS This telephone is designed for use in both GSM Batteries Precautions Page Supplementary ....900 and GSM 1800 networks. Handover between network services Page 31 .
  • Page 4: Keypad Functions

    KEYPAD FUNCTIONS DISPLAY SYMBOLS LED (Status indicator) Earphone Battery level indicator Call divert indicator Slow green flash: Your phone is in contact with a See page 8 for more information. On: All calls to your mobile telephone are diver- network. ted to another telephone number.
  • Page 5: Before You Start

    BEFORE YOU START BEFORE YOU START Insert rechargeable battery Insert SIM card When changing the battery your phone should Before you can make a call on your mobile always be switched off. phone you have to insert the SIM card. Should you have forgotten to insert the SIM card the telephone will ask you to do so.
  • Page 6: Making Your First Call

    MAKING YOUR FIRST CALL MAKING YOUR FIRST CALL Selection of language Phone numbers with extension number The display language of your phone is normally the national language of the country in which you Extension numbers can be dialled by entering a purchased your SIM card.
  • Page 7: Options When In Conversation

    OPTIONS WHEN IN CONVERSATION KEYPAD LOCK Muting the microphone Your telephone supports the following network Switching between calls How to lock the keypad options: Having more than one conversation at a If you select , the active call While having a call, you may wish to have a pri- To avoid making calls accidentally you can lock time, placing calls on hold, switching between will be put on hold and the call on hold will now...
  • Page 8: Phone Book

    PHONE BOOK PHONE BOOK EDITING You can store names and telephone numbers in How to store a name Voice mail number If the location number consists of more than 1 di- a phone book. The entries are stored on the SIM and a telephone number git, press the first digit(s) and hold the last digit for If you have a voice mail number stored in your...
  • Page 9: Alternative Phone Books

    PHONE BOOK STATUS / ALTERNATIVE PHONE BOOKS PREFIX TELEPHONE NUMBERS How to see the status of your Prefix telephone numbers Depending on your SIM card you may have diffe- In order to be able to make such a phone book phone book rent alternative phone books.
  • Page 10: List Menu System

    LIST MENU SYSTEM OUTGOING CALLS / ANSWERED CALLS Information about outgoing, answered, missed Events Outgoing calls Who is calling? calls and events as well as SMS messages are • View, edit or delete events Your phone has memory for your last 10 dialled Calling Line Identification (CLI) is a network automatically stored in lists: •...
  • Page 11: Missed Calls

    MISSED CALLS EVENTS Missed calls How to copy a phone number from Events How to be notified of occuring events one of the lists into your phone book Your phone remembers the last 10 incoming calls Your phone acts as a calendar enabling you to When an event is occurring you will see this sym- which you did not answer.
  • Page 12: Events

    EVENTS MESSAGES How to edit or delete an event When you turn on your phone, you will see this Short Message Services (SMS) In addition to reading the message, you can either symbol on the display Your phone can receive and send short text –...
  • Page 13 MESSAGES MESSAGES How to read a message again Cell broadcast channel list 4. End your message by pressing 5. Complete the message by pressing To be able to receive cell broadcast messages you 1. Press to enter the List menu system. 5.
  • Page 14: Setup Menu System

    SETUP MENU SYSTEM SETUP MENU SYSTEM The setup menu system offers you the possibility Phone book setup (Menu 5) How to access the Setup menu system Back to standby mode of setting the individual sub menus and options 51 Fixed dialling on/off While you are in menu mode, holding according to your own personal wishes.
  • Page 15: Call Divert

    CALL DIVERT CALL DIVERT You have the option of diverting all calls or Validity time How to activate call divert for all calls choosing to divert incoming calls only if un- If you have selected answered. The unanswered calls option diverts 1.
  • Page 16: Call Barring

    CALL BARRING CALL WAITING / SUPPLEMENTARY NETWORK SERVICES You can set up call barring for different types of Incoming call barring option of calling outside the group – perhaps at a 1. Press outgoing and incoming calls to restrict the use of higher charge.
  • Page 17: Tones Setup

    TONES SETUP PHONE SETUP How to adjust tones You can disable all kinds of tones by pressing This menu offers you the possibility of setting some Speed dialling and then . In that case the symbol of the telephone's options according to your own To speed dial using your location numbers, you 1.
  • Page 18: Car Kit Installation

    PHONE SETUP PHONE SETUP Preferred list Car kit installation Note: If your phone has been without power The list of networks on your SIM card defines the for more than 8 hours you should set the time and This option is only effective if the phone is con- order of preference in which your phone will se- date function again.
  • Page 19: Message Setup

    MESSAGE SETUP MESSAGE SETUP / PHONE BOOK SETUP Send message setup ting a service centre or editing the number of an Broadcast setup Fixed dialling existing service centre by pressing and confirm Before you can send a message, your network To set up the list covering the kind of information In order to enable you to make use of fixed dial- your choice by pressing...
  • Page 20: Call Timers And Charge

    CALL TIMERS AND CHARGE / SECURITY SECURITY Call timers and charge PIN code How to enable, disable and change How to change password PIN codes Your telephone can display the actual duration To prevent misuse of your SIM card, e.g. if it is lost If you subscribe to a call barring service your and cost of an ongoing conversation if you so or stolen, you can select a PIN code to be entered...
  • Page 21: Calculator

    CALCULATOR ACCESSORIES You can use your mobile phone as an ordinary Calculation examples Professional Handsfree Car Kit calculator. 5 plus 2 Remove the rubber plug covering the antenna hole Press 5, hold down 1 for one second, press 2 and on the back of the handset.
  • Page 22: Gsm 909 Executive

    The GSM 909 Executive is based on the combina- handset antenna is disconnected when the phone tion of the GSM 909 DUAL or GSM 909 DUAL S is placed in the cradle. and an Executive handset. Placed on the dash-...
  • Page 23: Desktop Charger

    ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES Desktop charger Headset The desktop charger is powered by means of the How to make a handsfree call charger supplied with your telephone. 1. Enter the phone number you wish to When you place the telephone in the desktop call or retrieve it from the phone book.
  • Page 24: Index

    ACCESSORIES INDEX Data Interface Accessories Factory settings PIN code Alternative phone books - telephone PIN2 code Your phone can be connected to your PC or Answered calls - tones Power saving laptop computer for data and fax communication. Answering a call 4, 11 Find a name/number Precautions...
  • Page 25 BOSCH EASY SETS...

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