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Bosch QSM 1800 User Manual

Bosch mobile phone user manual.
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Product Division Terminals
User Manual
900 /1800


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  • Page 1

    Product Division Terminals User Manual DUAL-COM 738 900 /1800...

  • Page 2: Precautions

    PRECAUTIONS Exposure to radio frequency signals Your mobile handheld portable tele- phone is a low power radio transmitter and receiver. When it is on, it receives and also sends out radio frequency (RF) signals. In August, 1996, the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) adopted RF exposure guidelines with safety levels for handheld mobile phones.

  • Page 3

    Electronic devices Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from RF signals. However, cer- tain electronic equipment may not be shielded against the RF signals from your mobile phone. Pacemakers The Health Industry Manufacturers As- sociation recommends that a minimum separation of 2.5 cm be maintained between a handheld mobile phone and a pacemaker to avoid potential interference with the pacemaker.

  • Page 4: Important Notice

    PRECAUTIONS / IMPORTANT NOTICE Vehicles RF signals may affect improperly instal- led or inadequately shielded electronic systems in motor vehicles. Check with the manufacturer or its representative regarding your vehicle. You should also consult the manufacturer of any equipment that has been added to your vehicle.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Precautions ....Important notice ... Keypad functions ... Display symbols .

  • Page 6: Keypad Functions

    KEYPAD FUNCTIONS LED (Status indicator) Slow green flash: Your phone is in contact with a network. Fast green flash: Indicates an incoming call. Slow red flash: Your phone cannot get in con- tact with a network. Fast red flash: The battery needs recharging. On/off key Press the key for one second to switch your telephone on or off.

  • Page 7: Display Symbols

    Introduction Making a call Enter phone number. Press CALL Answering a call ANSWER The telephone rings. Press Ending a call Press Back to standby mode Press EXIT The telephone automatically returns to stand- by mode when no key has been pressed for 60 seconds.

  • Page 8: Before You Start

    BEFORE YOU START Insert rechargeable battery When changing the battery your phone should always be switched off. Charge the battery The battery supplied with this telephone is com- pletely discharged. The telephone will initiate charging as soon as you have inserted the charger plug.

  • Page 9: Insert Sim Card

    Insert SIM card Before you can make a call on your mobile phone you have to insert the SIM card. Should you have forgotten to insert the SIM card the telephone will ask you to do so. Before inserting the SIM card into the phone please make sure that any plastic remains from the frame punching have been removed.

  • Page 10: Making Your First Call

    MAKING YOUR FIRST CALL Selection of language The display language of your phone is normally the national language of the country in which you purchased your SIM card. If this is not the case the display language will be English. You have the option of choosing between different languages.

  • Page 11: Emergency Calls

    MAKING YOUR FIRST CALL Phone numbers with extension number Extension numbers can be dialled by entering a pause between the main number and the exten- sion number. To enter a pause, press the for one second until the pause code on the display.

  • Page 12: When In Conversation

    OPTIONS WHEN IN CONVERSATION Muting the microphone While having a call, you may wish to have a pri- vate conversation with someone else. You will hear everything your caller says but you cannot be heard by the caller. To switch off the microphone: 1.

  • Page 13: Keypad Lock

    Switching between calls If you select Switch calls , the active call will be put on hold and the call on hold will now be active. In this way you can switch between your conversations. Ending an active call while another is on hold An active call can be ended by selecting Drop active .

  • Page 14: Phone Book

    PHONE BOOK You can store names and telephone numbers in a phone book. The entries are stored on the SIM card and the number of entries is dependent on the capacity of the SIM card. The length of a name or a telephone number de- pends on your SIM card.

  • Page 15: Phone Book Editing

    If you have a voice mail number stored in your phone book this should be stored under loca- tion 1. On some networks this has already been done by the operator. How to find a name and a telephone number 1.

  • Page 16

    PHONE BOOK STATUS/ PREFIX TELEPHONE NUMBERS How to see the status of your phone book The telephone can display the total number of locations on your SIM card and inform you how many of these are free. 1. Press to enter the List menu system. 2.

  • Page 17: Alternative Phone Books

    ALTERNATIVE PHONE BOOKS Depending on your SIM card you may have diffe- rent alternative phone books. These phone books will be visible in the phone display only if they are available and enabled. Information numbers Numbers stored in this phone book typically give information about taxis, airports, hotels, weather, news, etc.

  • Page 18: List Menu System

    LIST MENU SYSTEM Information about outgoing, answered and missed calls as well as SMS messages are automatically stored in lists: Outgoing calls • View names/phone numbers of your latest outgoing calls Answered calls • View names/phone numbers of your latest answered calls Missed calls •...

  • Page 19: Outgoing Calls

    OUTGOING CALLS / ANSWERED CALLS Outgoing calls Your phone has memory for your last 10 dialled telephone numbers. How to see the list of last outgoing calls 1. Press to enter the List menu system. 2. Select Outgoing calls 3. Scroll through the telephone numbers. 4.

  • Page 20: Missed Calls

    MISSED CALLS Missed calls Your phone remembers the last 10 incoming calls which you did not answer. The display will tell you how many missed calls your phone has received. If, for instance, there are 15 missed calls the standby display will show .

  • Page 21: Messages

    Short Message Services (SMS) Your phone can receive and send short text mes- sages via the network. On some networks you have to subscribe to this facility. There are two types of messages: point-to-point messages which you can both receive and send, and cell broadcast messages which you can only receive.

  • Page 22: Save Message

    MESSAGES How to read a message again 1. Press to enter the List menu system. 2. Select Messages and press 3. Select Inbox by pressing 4. Scroll through the list of messages and confirm your choice by pressing How to send a message Before you can send a message you have to enter your network operator's telephone number for this special service.

  • Page 23

    Cell broadcast messages To select whether you want the cell broadcast op- tion to be on or off you must enter the Message setup menu and select Broadcast setup (see page 34). These are general messages broadcast to a group of telephones and are available to network sub- scribers only.

  • Page 24: Setup Menu System

    MESSAGES The setup menu system offers you the possibility of setting the individual sub menus and options according to your own personal wishes. Network services (Menu 1) 11 Call divert 12 Call barring 13 Call waiting 14 Closed user group 15 Outgoing call identity 16 Line selection Tones setup (Menu 2)

  • Page 25: Setup Menu System

    How to access the Setup menu system MENU 1. Press 2. Select the menu you want to access using 3. Confirm by pressing SELECT 4. Select the sub menu you want to access using SELECT 5. Confirm by pressing Menu numbers On the right hand side in the first line of the dis- play you will always see the number of the menu and sub menu in which you are operating.

  • Page 26: Call Divert

    CALL DIVERT You have the option of diverting all calls or choosing to divert incoming calls only if un- answered. The unanswered calls option diverts calls – if you are busy – if you do not reply – if there is no contact Registration To enable a call divert you must register it first.

  • Page 27: Divert All Calls

    How to activate call divert for all calls 1. Press MENU 2. Select Network services SELECT by pressing 3. Confirm by pressing SELECT more to indicate that you want access to the call divert menu. 4. Select using Divert all calls Register –...

  • Page 28: Call Barring

    CALL BARRING You can set up call barring for different types of outgoing and incoming calls to restrict the use of your phone. You have to activate the type of call barring you wish to set up. You are asked to specify whether you want the call barring to apply for all ser- vices, speech, data services, fax services or message services (SMS).

  • Page 29: Call Waiting

    Incoming call barring Select All calls if you want to bar all in- coming calls. Select Roaming incoming calls to be barred only when you are connected to a foreign network. Cancelling call barrings Call barrings can be cancelled individually or by selecting Cancel all CALL WAITING...

  • Page 30: Supplementary Network Services

    SUPPLEMENTARY NETWORK SERVICES Closed user group This is a network feature by which the use of your telephone is restricted to certain phone numbers within a group defined by the network operator and the owner of the SIM card. You may be a member of different groups.

  • Page 31: Tones Setup

    How to adjust tones MENU 1. Press 2. Select Tones setup using 3. Confirm by pressing SELECT 4. Select using either Ringing tone Trembler (Optional extra) Message tone Broadcast tone Key tone Factory settings SELECT 5. Confirm by pressing 6. Select the volume or pattern you want to change using 7.

  • Page 32: Phone Setup

    PHONE SETUP This menu offers you the possibility of setting some of the telephone's options according to your own personal wishes. How to set up options 1. Press MENU 2. Select Phone setup using 3. Confirm by pressing SELECT 4. Select using either Language Auto redial...

  • Page 33: Band Selection

    ferred list, just press . If you select a currently used location and press EDIT , the former occu- pant can be deleted when you enter the new one. Just press EXIT to leave the list as it was. Once a network is stored in the preferred list, you can always see the country and network code of the actual network by pressing EDIT...

  • Page 34: Message Setup

    MESSAGE SETUP Send message setup Before you can send a message you have to enter your network operator's telephone number for this special service. Contact your network opera- tor to obtain this number. MENU 1. Press 2. Select Message setup and confirm by pressing SELECT 3.

  • Page 35: Phone Book Setup

    CALL TIMERS AND CHARGE Fixed dialling In order to enable you to make use of fixed dial- ling numbers stored in an alternative phone book defined by you, select Fixed dialling on Having selected Fixed dialling on your ordinary phone book will not be visible on the display and can thus not be accessed, but, of course, it will remain on your SIM card and can be accessed again by...

  • Page 36: Security

    SECURITY PIN code To prevent misuse of your SIM card, e.g. if it is lost or stolen, you can select a PIN code to be entered each time you switch on the phone. The PIN code is a 4 to 8-digit number of your own choice, which you can change any time you like.

  • Page 37: Encryption Indication

    SECURITY How to change password If you subscribe to a call barring service your net- work operator will have supplied you with a 4- digit password. If you want to change this, select Network password in the Security menu. Encryption indication If you connect to a network which does not sup- port encryption, you will get a warning in the dis- play when trying to make a call.

  • Page 38: Calculator

    CALCULATOR You can use your mobile phone as an ordinary calculator. How to use the calculator 1. Press MENU 2. Select Calculator using 3. Confirm by pressing Your telephone now acts as a normal calculator. The equal-sign ( ) is found on the right hand function key.

  • Page 39: Accessories

    Hands-free car installation When your phone is placed in the cradle, it will switch on automatically with the car ignition. You can select whether you want the telephone to switch off automatically with the car ignition after a delay of 1 hour or whether you want to switch it off manually.

  • Page 40: Desk Top Charge Stand

    ACCESSORIES Desk top charge stand The desk top charge stand is powered by means of the charger supplied with your telephone. When the desk top charge stand is on the power lamp will always show green. When you place the telephone in the desk top charge stand you have to make sure that the battery symbols on the display start flashing.

  • Page 41: Other Accessories

    ACCESSORIES Belt clip The belt clip can be removed or fitted by means of a screwdriver. In the retail box you will find the necessary screws and labels for mounting the belt clip. How to fit the belt clip: Remove the label (A) on the back of the phone. The belt clip can now be fitted by means of a screwdriver.

  • Page 42: Index

    INDEX Accessories Alternative phone books Answered calls Answering a call 7, 11 Any key answer Auto answer Automatic redial Automatic switch off Band selection Barred numbers Battery Battery level indicator Before sending messages Before you start Belt clip Broadcast channel list Broadcast language Broadcast setup Calculator...

  • Page 43

    BOSCH EASY SETS Accessories for Bosch mobile phones For the car Handsfree Car Kit Simple Car Holder Cigarlighter Charger 12V/24V Handsfree Headset For the computer PC Card/PC Combo card PC-Editor For charging Desktop Charger Fast Travel Charger - EU Fast Travel Charger - GB Fast Travel Charger - AUS Fast Travel Charger - US For power / outfit...

  • Page 44

    Bosch Telecom GmbH Produktbereich Endgeräte Kleyerstr. 94, 60326 Frankfurt/Main, Tel. (0 180) 5 2214 92 Fax (0 180) 5 2214 93 N.V. Robert Bosch S.A. Rue Henri Genessestraat 1, 10 70 Bruxelles / Brussel Tel. (02) 5 25 5460 Robert Bosch A/S Telegrafvej 1, 2750 Ballerup, Tel.

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