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• Even if the system responds to the emergency as intended, however, occupants may have insufficient
time to protect themselves from the situation. In the case of a monitored alarm system, authorities
may not respond appropriately.
• This equipment, like other electrical devices, is subject to component failure. Even though this
equipment is designed to last as long as 10 years, the electronic components could fail at any time.
The most common cause of an alarm system not functioning when an intrusion or fire occurs is
inadequate maintenance. This alarm system should be tested weekly to make sure all sensors and
transmitters are working properly.
Wireless transmitters (used with some systems) are designed to provide long battery life under normal
operating conditions. Longevity of batteries may be as much as 4 to 7 years, depending on the
environment, usage, and the specific wireless device being used. External factors such as humidity,
high or low temperatures, as well as large swings in temperature, may all reduce the actual battery life
in a given installation. This wireless system, however, can identify a true low battery situation, thus
allowing time to arrange a change of battery to maintain protection for that given point within the
Installing an alarm system may make one eligible for lower insurance rates, but an alarm system is not
a substitute for insurance. Homeowners, property owners and renters should continue to act prudently
in protecting themselves and continue to insure their lives and property.
We continue to develop new and improved protection devices. Users of alarm systems owe it to
themselves and their loved ones to learn about these developments.
Your local authorized service representative is the person best qualified to service your alarm
system. Arranging a regular program with that person is advisable. Your local service
representative is:
NAME: _______________________________________________________
PHONE: ______________________________________________________
ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________


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