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If your system has a remote keypad installed, your installer will have programmed a 4-digit
user code (known as User Number 2 code) that can be entered at your keypad to silence/reset
alarms and activate the fire drill test. This code may also be used to assign up to four other
user codes (known as User Number 3–6 codes).
The User Number 3–6 codes are intended for users who need limited and/or temporary
control over system operation. These codes can perform the same functions as the User
Number 2 code except for assigning user codes and activating the fire drill test.

To Assign, Change, or Delete User Codes

User Number 2 can change, but not delete, their own code and can assign, change, or delete
codes for User Numbers 3–6.
User Numbers 3–6 cannot assign, change, or delete user codes.
1. Enter the User Number 2 code and press the CODE key.
2. Enter a single-digit User Number (2–6) for the user whose code is to be assigned,
changed, or deleted.
3. If assigning or changing a user's code, enter the new 4-digit code for that user.
The keypad will beep once, indicating that the new code has been accepted.
If deleting a user's code, perform steps 1 and 2 and then stop. After a few
moments the keypad will beep once, indicating that the existing code has been


Your system provides the following indications when in normal operation and there are no
alarm, supervisory, or trouble conditions present:
The control's AC POWER LED is lit.
The control's built-in buzzer and keypad warning buzzer and external alarm
sounders are off.
The Alpha keypad's LCD display.
Fixed Word keypad LCD display.
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