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This manual is a step-by-step guide that will acquaint you with the system's features and
benefits. It defines the components and their functions, describes their operation, and
instructs you with normal and emergency procedures.
you can refer to it as necessary.
Keep this manual in a convenient place so that


Your Honeywell system is a commercial fire alarm control/communicator. It monitors, on an
around-the clock basis, the various fire alarm warning, emergency alarm warning and fire
sprinkler system supervisory sensors that have been installed in your system. When the
control detects an alarm, supervisory, or trouble condition, it automatically triggers an on-
premises warning indication and transmits a message to a central station over the telephone
line so that appropriate action can be taken.
The control features a built-in warning buzzer and LED indicators which provide the on-
premises warning indication. In addition, your system may include an optional remote
keypad and/or external alarm warning sounders which will provide additional on-premises
warning indications. Please disregard references to these devices, if they were not installed
in your system.
This manual is designed to help you become comfortable operating your system. Each
function is explained in step-by-step detail. We recommend you read the SYSTEM
OVERVIEW section to become familiar with the terminology and the basic features of the


Your system has five protection zones. Your installer has assigned each of your system's
sensing devices to one of these zones. For example, warehouse smoke detectors may have
been assigned to zone 01, a fire sprinkler water valve supervisory switch may have been
assigned to zone 02, etc. If a remote keypad was installed in your system, it will display
these zone numbers when an alarm, supervisory or trouble condition is detected, so that the
nature and location of the fault can be pinpointed.
Fire & Emergency Protection
The fire and emergency protection portions of your system are always on and will sound an
alarm if an alarm condition is detected.


When an alarm occurs, the control's buzzer, the keypad and external sounders will sound,
and a message at the keypad will identify the zone(s) causing the alarm. In addition, an
alarm message will be sent to the connected central monitoring station. You may stop the
sound by pressing the SILENCE/RESET button at the control, or by entering your User Code
+ [OFF] key at your keypad.
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Table of Contents

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