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Appliance Mounting - Zanussi Gas Water Heater 10 liter User Manual

Gas water heater 10 liter
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 Do not install the appliance in the following places:
Bed and Living rooms
Stairs, or not less than 5 meters from escape
 Appliance mounting
Drill holes to the proper location on the wall and fix
the plastic plug in, fasten the "L" shape screw then
hang the appliance.
 Appliance connections
- Water ,gas ,hot water flexible connections could
be steel or rubber made, hot water hose must
withstand high temperature, and gas tube must
be oil-proof, anti corrosion and not more than 2
meters long.
- Sealing gasket must be applied to the connections
- Switch valves should be installed on gas and
water supply pipes to make it convenient for
installation or repair.
- Before connecting the gas and water connections
to the appliance, please pay attention to the
cleanout of these connections to remove
impurities and other pollutants.
Caution! After installation, check the gas
connection with soap foam for leakage, use the
appliance only when leakage free and passed the
inspection by local gas administrative institution.
 Batteries installation
- Put two "D" size batteries 1.5 Volt into the battery
box. make sure of the polarity order and close the
 Exhaust pipe installation
- This appliance has an upper opening for exhaust,
connect it with an external pipe to discharge
exhausts outside.
- Exhaust pipe must be made from anti corrosion
thin metal, its minimum thickness is 0.3mm.
- The exhaust pipe must has as maximum 4
bending joints at 90 degrees, the horizontal part
of it should be short as possible and joints must
be well sealed.
- The exhaust pipe should be 15cm away from
inflammables things.
- the vertical part of exhaust pipe above the
appliance opening should be long as possible with
minimum length of 25cm.
- A wind, rains and snow protection cap should be
placed on the end of the exhaust pipe.
- Exhaust pipe must be able to with stand self
weight, wind ,accumulated snow and shake.
Caution! Don't mount exhaust pipe on a
windward location.


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