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Features And Characteristics; Care And Cleaning; What To Do If - Zanussi Gas Water Heater 10 liter User Manual

Gas water heater 10 liter
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Features and characteristics

This appliance provides you with instant hot water
after opening water outlet valve, there for it is
sufficient for all home use purposes that requires hot
water. this appliance contains the following features:
 Low pressure start up ,which make it suitable for
user living in high level floors that suffers low water
 Forced shut off in case of flames extinguishing to
prevent gas leakage.
 Anti-Blast on start up.
 High pressure(over 8bar) protected.
When this feature is activated, the high
pressure relief valve will leak water to ambient in
form of water drops to relief pressure inside the

Care and cleaning

 All the repair and maintenance must be carried out
by customer service authorized technicians.
 Normally the batteries should be replaced once half
a year.
 appliance malfunctions should be repaired on its
time to keep the performance of it.

What to do if.....

Certain problems are due to lack of simple maintenance or oversights, which can be solved easily without calling
the service technicians, before contacting the local service center please carry out the check listed below.
Flames extinguishing while use
 Over heating protection, prevents water
temperature to increase above standard
temperature whatever the overheating cause is.
temperature cut-off thermostat will force shut-off
to the gas valve to prevent over heating from
evaporating water inside appliance to protect the
user and the appliance .
 Back wind protection to insure normal operation in
existence of wind back flow.
 Continuous operation for only 20 minutes ,to
protect from exhaust accumulation, and in case of
forgot water valve open while water source is cut
and back again.
 A periodical check and maintenance of the
appliance recommended to be fulfilled every 6
A clean and wet cloth can be used for the cleaning
of the heater. dissolvent products are not allowed
for the cleaning!
Problem cause \ Solution
 Low gas pressure
o Check gas connection then open gas valve
 Low inlet water pressure
o Check water supply main pressure
 Safety feature activated(20 minutes of use shut-off timer)
o Re-start the appliance (close outlet water valve and re-open)
 Low battery
o Replace batteries
 Strong wing outside
o Wait until wind stop
When this feature is activated, the high
Caution! Please only clean exhaust pipe in cold


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