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Zanussi Gas cooker User Manual

Gas cookers
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This new appliance is easy to use, however, to
obtain the best results, it is important to read this
booklet and to follow all the instructions before
using it for the first time.
The booklet contains the necessary information
regarding installation, use and maintenance, as
well as giving useful advice.
Class 1 and
Voltage tension:
These instructions are only valid for those countries whose identication symbols are shown
on the cover of the instruction brochure and on the appliance itself.
Class 2
Sub-Class 1
230 V ~ 50 Hz
Viale Bologna 298
47100 FORLÌ (Italy)
This appliance complies with the following E.E.C. Directives:
• 73/23 - 90/683 (Low Voltage Directive);
• 89/336 (Electromagnetical Compatibility Directive);
• 90/396 (Gas Appliance Directive);
• 93/68 (General Directives);
and subsequent modifications.
Your new cooker is covered by guarantee.
You will find the guarantee certificate enclosed. If you
are missing anything contact your retailer, giving the
date of purchase, model, and the registration number
which is printed on the identification plate.
We ask you to bear in mind that for the guarantee to
be operated, it is necessary to fill in and send the larger
part of the guarantee to Zanussi Technical Assistance
& Service within 8 days of purchase, so that we can
provide registration.
We advise you that the smaller part of the certificate,
as well as your receipt and proof of purchase, should
be shown when required to personnel of Zanussi
Technical Assistance & Service.
Without following this procedure, the repair personnel
will have to charge you more for the repair.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Zanussi Gas cooker

  • Page 1 Zanussi Technical Assistance & Service within 8 days of purchase, so that we can provide registration.
  • Page 2 66-8801 WARNINGS - GAS COOKERS - ELECTROGAS It is very important that this instruction book should be kept safely for future consultation. Il the should be sold or given toanother person, please ensure that the booklet goes together with it, so that the new owner can know of the functions of the machine and also be aware of the warnings.
  • Page 3 66-8801 INDEX Warning Pag. Instructions for the user Pag. Installation Pag. Pag. Gas oven Pag. Turnspit Pag. Electric oven Pag. Mechanical minute-minder Pag. Advice for use of oven Pag. Cooking list Pag. 44-45 Maintenance Pag. Instructions for installation Pag. Gas connection Pag.
  • Page 4 DIMENSIONS OF THE UNIT Type Height Width Depth 550* Type Height Width Depth 600* The total absorbing power and other technical specifications are shown on the rating plate in the oven floor. * Models with splash back...
  • Page 5: Instructions For The User

    During cooking, when using fats or oils, take particular care as they can, when over-heated, self- ignite. Control knobs on the cooke The knobs for using the gas cooker are found on the control panel. Table 1 The regulation knobs hould be turned in anti-clockwise...
  • Page 6 POTTERY BARBECUE IN LAVIC ROCK POTTERY Remember that a wide-bottomed pan allows a faster To grill meat, fish, sausages, etc. some models are cooking than a narrow one. supplied with an electric barbecue. Always use pots which properly fit what you have to A 12 position switch regulates the temperature of the cook.
  • Page 7: Gas Oven

    GAS OVEN Ignition: When cooking with the oven or grill, the cover open the oven door and hold a flame to the right-hand must be kept open to avoid over-heating. side hole as shown in fig. 3; press the oven knob and In kitchens equipped with thermometer after a few turn anti-clockwise until the maximum temperature minutes control the indication of thermometer and ope-...
  • Page 8 ROTISSERIE Some models may be equipped with a rotisserie. For correct use, proceed as follows: Models supplied with their own rotisseries fit the spit-holder hook on the support (fig. 7); slide the spit into the food to be cooked and secure well;...
  • Page 9: Electric Oven

    ELECTRIC OVEN Control knob (fig. 10) heat). It makes it possible to choose the most appropriate Under these conditions the temperature will never temperature and to select the elements radiating heat exceed about 200 C in the bottom heat position one by one.
  • Page 10 ELECTRIC OVEN (5 FUNCTIONS) Grilling Command selection switch (Fig. 11) and thermostat (Fig. 12). Permit choice of heat most suitble for different types of Turn the selection switch to turn the thermostat cooking by inserting suitable heating elements and switch until it coincides with the temperature required. regulating the temperature to the degree required.
  • Page 11 Thermometer In order to avoid over-heating when cooking with the oven or grill, always keep the appliance cover Some cookers are supplied with a thermometer to control the oven temperature. open. In some models this thermometer signals increase in The oven is supplied with an enamel dripping pan to temperature by showing a red-coloured strip on the oven door glass, in others a red-coloured bimetallic collect cooking juices from meat on the grill and a grill...
  • Page 12 PROGRAMMING OF COOKING Manual operation End of cooking digital programmer (Fig. 15) The oven can be used normally, i.e. without any In some models it has the function of switching off the oven at the end of pre-selected cooking time. programme.
  • Page 13 SUGGESTIONS FOR GAS BURNERS Since heat doesn't spread evenly on the pan's bottom, Start cooking with a big flame by turning theknob to . Then adjust the flame as necessary. the food may only be partially heated. Consequently it The outside of the flame is much hotter than its inside is advisable to stir the food many times.
  • Page 14 Begin cooking rare meat at a high temperature, should be positioned in the guides nearest or furthest reducing the temperature to finish cooking the inside. from the grill element according to the thickness of the The cooking temperature for white meat can be mode- meat, in order to avoid burning the surface and rate throughout.
  • Page 15 TIPS ON COOKING WITH CONVENCTION OR MULTIFUNCTION ELECTRIC OVEN Traditional cooking a spoon against the meat. If it feels firm it is properly cooked, Roastbeef and sirloin require a short cooking Heat is conveyed both from the top and bottom of the time, as thier insides must keep their redness.
  • Page 16: Cooking Time

    COOKING TIME Inserting slide* Cooking Temperature Kinds of food time in Gas oven Ordinary minutes electric oven Beaten mixture cakes in moulds Black and white flour cake 60-70 Royal flat bread-cake 60-70 Margherita cake 35-40 Pastry Bottom of cake to be garnished 15-20 Butter-milk curd cake 35-40...
  • Page 17: Table Of Cooking Times

    66-8801 TABLE OF COOKING TIMES ELECTRIC OVEN CONNECTION AND MULTI-FUNCTION N. Guiderom bottom Temperature C Type of cooking Quantity kg Conv. Trad. Conv. Trad. Time Minutes Cakes With beaten mixture, in mould With beaten mixture, in baking tin Shortpastry, cake tin Shortpastry with wet filling Shortpastry with dry filling With naturally raised mixture...
  • Page 18 MAINTENANCE Before each operation, disconnect the unit. inside the holder itself; otherwise there is the chance to install inside the holder, instead of the cylinder, (on Cleaning the cooker request) a set of grills and containers, converting the Drops of sauce, fruit juice etc., should be removed as cylinder holder into a comfortable closet.
  • Page 19: Instructions For The Installer

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE INSTALLER The following instructions are meant for a qualified installer, in order that the operations of installation, regulation, and service are executed according to the existing regulations. Whenever changes are mode involving the disconnection of the machine it is necessary to proceed with maximum caution.
  • Page 20 BALANCING THE LID POSITIONING The appliance belongs to the class "X". The models that come with crystal lids are equipped with specially balanced springs. It has been designed to be placed close to furniture These are inserted in the hinges at the back of the able to withstand more than 75 C added to the room temperature and not exceeding the height of the appliance to allow the lid to be closed smoothly and...
  • Page 21 CONNECTION USING A RIGID PIPE OR A IMPORTANT FLEXIBLE METAL PIPE Once installation is complete, check the perfect seal of every pipe fitting, using a soapy solution, never a flame. To ensure higher safety, it is recommended to carry out the connection to the gas system using rigid pipes (ex.
  • Page 22 REGULATION TO DIFFERENT Replacement of the fish-kettle burner nozzle: (For models supplied) KINDS OF GAS - remove the plate or glass cover by lifting it from the To adapt the range to a kind of gas different from that relevant brackets; one it is preset to, follow the instructions below in their - remove the grills;...
  • Page 23 Adjustment of minimum level of plate burners: To adjust the minimum level, turn the knob to the position of minimum flame, remove the knob (Fig. 31) and: in case of conversion from natural gas to LPG, tightly screw the by-pass pin of the cocks; when converting from LPG to natural gas unscrew about one-fourth turn by-pass pin, until a regular small flame is reached.
  • Page 24 SPECIFICATIONS OF THE BURNER AND OF THE INJECTORS Table 2 TYPE BURNER INJECTORS NORMAL REDUCED NORMAL FEEDING OF GAS POWER POWER POWER PRESSURE 1/100 mm m bar Rapid 0,65 0,286 NATURAL Semi-rapid 0,45 0,190 (Methane) Auxiliary 0,33 0,095 Fish kettle burner 0,85 0,286 Oven with thermostat...
  • Page 25: Electrical Connection

    INSERTION POSSIBILITY In case of insertion of the appliance between kitchen units the dimensions to be respected are shown in fig. FO 1076 Fig. 34 When the kitchen is installed according to class 2, sub- class 1 (i.e. built-in) for the gas connection use only flexible metallic tubes conforming to UNI 9891.
  • Page 26 WHAT TO DO IF THE APPLIANCE DOESN'T WORK Cooking time is too long If the appliance doesn't work properly check the Check that the temperature is correct for the type of following points before asking for service: food to be cooked. The flow of gas seems abnormal The cooker smokes Make sure that:...

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