Zanussi Gas Water Heater 10 liter User Manual

Zanussi Gas Water Heater 10 liter User Manual

Gas water heater 10 liter


User manual
Gas Water Heater 10 liter


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  • Page 1 User manual Gas Water Heater 10 liter...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Service center authorized professionals. General safety  This appliance must be installed in a room separate  Make sure that gas type used id identical to the type from living rooms and have a good ventilation. specified on the nameplate.
  • Page 3  The heater must be installed onto a vertical wall in a correct vertical way. Usage  This appliance is designed for domestic use. It must not be used for purposes other than those for which it was designed
  • Page 4: Product Description

     Water Control knob - Operates only when appliance in use, it displays - Used to control water flow rate, on (Min) position outlet water temperature. it decreases the water flow to the minimum level and start up pressure to the minimum,
  • Page 5: Installation Instructions

    Keep the heater away  The space of exhaust pipes from ceiling should be from heat sources such as gas cockers.  The appliance must vertical on mounting. not less than 60cm and from side walls not less than 30cm.
  • Page 6: Appliance Mounting

    - Exhaust pipe must be able to with stand self - Switch valves should be installed on gas and weight, wind ,accumulated snow and shake. water supply pipes to make it convenient for Caution! Don't mount exhaust pipe on a installation or repair. windward location.
  • Page 7: Usage

     Temporary shutdown - When hot water temporary not needed during use, just turn off the hot water valve. when hot water needed again, turn on the hot water valve again.
  • Page 8: Features And Characteristics

    Check water supply main pressure  Safety feature activated(20 minutes of use shut-off timer) o Re-start the appliance (close outlet water valve and re-open)  Low battery o Replace batteries  Strong wing outside o Wait until wind stop
  • Page 9: Technical Data

    Max water flow (2bar) 10 L/min Exhaust discharge type Flue type Gas inlet 1/2 inch Connections Water inlet 1/2 inch Water outlet 1/2 inch Dimension (Height "A"*Width "B"*Depth "C") 570*330*190 mm Chimney diameter Ø 110 mm Nozzle diameter Ø 0.78 mm

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