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Important Safety Instructions - Panasonic EY0L11 Operating Instructions Manual

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-This manual contains important
safety and operating instructions
for battery charger EY0L10.
) Before using battery charger, read
all instructions and cautionary mark-
ings on (1) battery charger, () bat-
tery pack.
3) CAUTION -To reduce the risk
of injury, charge only applicable
battery pack as shown in the last
page. Other types of batteries may
burst causing personal injury and
4) Do not expose charger and battery
pack to rain or snow or use in damp
5) Use of an attachment not recom-
mended may result in a risk of fire,
electric shock, or injury to persons.
6) To reduce risk of damaging the
electric plug and cord, pull by plug
rather than cord when disconnecting
7) An extension cord should not be
8) Do not operate charger with damag-
ed cord or plug — replace them
9) Do not operate charger if it has
received a sharp blow, been dropped,
or otherwise damaged in any way;
take it to a qualified service agent.
10) Do not disassemble charger; take
it to a qualified service agent when
service or repair is required. Incor-
rect reassembly may result in a risk
of electric shock or fire.
11) To reduce risk of electric shock,
unplug charger from outlet before
attempting any maintenance or
1) Make sure cord is located so that it
will not be stepped on, tripped over,
or otherwise subjected to damage
or stress.
13) The charger and battery pack are
specifically designed to work toge-
ther. Do not attempt to charge any
other cordless tool or battery pack
with this charger. Do not attempt
to charge the battery pack with any
other charger.
14) Do not attempt to disassemble the
battery charger and the battery
pack housing.
15) Do not store the tool and battery
pack in locations where the
temperature may reach or exceed
50°C (1°F) (such as a metal
tool shed, or a car in the summer),
which can lead to deterioration of
the storage battery.
16) Do not charge battery pack when
the temperature is BELOW 0°C
(3°F) or ABOVE 40°C (104°F).
17) Do not incinerate the battery pack.
It can be explode in a fire.
18) The charger is designed to operate
on standard household electrical
power only. Charge only on the volt-
age indicated on the nameplate.
Do not attempt to use it on any
other voltage!
19) Do not abuse cord. Never carry
charger by cord or yank it to discon-
nect from outlet. Keep cord away
from heat, oil and sharp edges.
0) Charge the battery pack in a well
ventilated place, do not cover the
charger and battery pack with a
cloth, etc., while charging.
1) Do not short the battery pack.
A battery short can cause a large
current flow, over heating and burns.
) NOTE: If the supply cord of this
appliance is damaged, it must
only be replaced by a repair shop
appointed by the manufacturer,
because special purpose tools are
3) The appliance is not intended for
use by young children or infirm
persons without supervision.
- 4 -