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Panasonic EY0L11 Operating Instructions Manual page 6

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4. During charging, the charging lamp
will be lit.
When charging is completed, an inter-
nal electronic switch will automatically
be triggered to prevent overcharging.
• Charging will not start if the battery
pack is warm (for example, immedi-
ately after heavy-duty operation).
The orange standby lamp will be
flashing until the battery cools down.
Charging will then begin automati-
5. The charge lamp (green) will flash
slowly once the battery is approxi-
mately 80% charged. (Li-ion Battery
6. When charging is completed, the charg-
ing lamp in green color will turn off.
7. If the temperature of the battery pack
is 0°C or less, charging takes longer
to fully charge the battery pack than
the standard charging time.
Even when the battery is fully charg-
ed, it will have approximately 50% of
the power of a fully charged battery at
normal operating temperature.
8. Consult an authorized dealer if the
charging lamp (green) does not turn
9. If a fully charged battery pack is
inserted into the charger again, the
charging lamp lights up. After several
minutes, the charging lamp in green
color will turn off.
Pictured: Li-ion
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