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Charging The Battery; Li­ion Battery Pack; Ni­mh Battery Pack - Panasonic EY0L11 Operating Instructions Manual

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4) Young children should be supervis-
ed to ensure that they do not play
with the appliance.
instructions before use.
For indoor use only.
• Do not use other than the Panasonic
battery packs that are designed for
use with this rechargeable tool.
• Panasonic is not responsible for any
damage or accident caused by the
use of the recycled battery pack and
the counterfeit battery pack.
• Do not dispose of the battery pack in
a fire, or expose it to excessive heat.
• Do not drive the likes of nails into the
battery pack, subject it to shocks, dis-
mantle it, or attempt to modify it.
• Do not allow metal objects to touch
the battery pack terminals.
• Do not carry or store the battery pack
in the same container as nails or sim-
ilar metal objects.
• Do not charge the battery pack in a
high-temperature location, such as
next to a fire or in direct sunlight.
Otherwise, the battery may overheat,
catch fire, or explode.
• Never use other than the dedicated
charger to charge the battery pack.
Otherwise, the battery may leak,
overheat, or explode.
• When the Battery Pack Has Deteriorated,
Replace It with a New One.
Continued use of a damaged battery
pack may result in heat generation,
ignition or battery rupture.
Common Cautions for the Li­
ion/Ni­MH Battery Pack
• When a cold battery (of about 0°C
or less) is to be charged in a warm
Read the operating
room, leave the battery in the room
for at least one hour and charge
it when it has warmed up to room
temperature. (Failing to do so may
result in less than a full charge.)
• Cool down the charger when charging
more than two battery packs consecu-
• Do not insert your fingers into con-
tact hole, when holding charger or
any other occasions.
To prevent the risk of fire or damage
to the battery charger.
• Do not use power source from an
engine generator.
• Do not cover vent holes on the
charger and the battery pack.
• Unplug the charger when not in
Li­ion Battery Pack
Your battery pack is not fully charg-
ed at the time of purchase. Be sure
to charge the battery before use.
Ni­MH Battery Pack
When you charge the battery pack
for the first time, or after prolonged
storage, charge it for about 4
hours to bring the battery up to full
Battery charger
1. Plug the charger into the AC outlet.
Sparks may be produced when the
plug is inserted into the AC power
supply, but this is not a problem in
terms of safety.
. Select the current battery dock (Li-ion
Battery pack or Ni-MH Battery pack)
cover. Slide the battery dock cover to
allow insertion.
3. Insert the battery pack firmly into the
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