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Miele FN 12221 S Operating And Installation Manual page 44

Frost-free freezer
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Changing the door hinging
^ Take the door and guide the upper
door bush onto the upper hinge
pin k.
^ Pivot the door and place the hinge
pin e into the hinge plate d.
Important. Turn the hinge pin if
necessary, so that the notch is
pointing to the inside of the door and
the groove to the outside. The hinge
pin will then click into place.
^ With the help of another person,
carefully tip the appliance back and
screw in retaining screw c. Tighten it
with a suitable spanner.
^ Realign the door with the appliance
housing again if necessary using the
long slots in the lower hinge plate.
Then tighten the screws.
Refitting the handle
Please make sure you follow the
instructions below carefully when
you refit the handle. The door seal
will be damaged if the handle is
fitted incorrectly.
^ Loosely attach the handle to the
opposite side of the door with the two
front screws b.
Mounting plate c must be positioned
on the side of the door so that when the
door is closed it is flush with the side of
the appliance.
If this is not the case,
^ Tighten both grub screws a with a
suitable allen key until mounting plate
c lines up correctly.
^ Then tighten all 4 screws b.
^ Slide the side section of the handle
d into the guides on the mounting
plate until it clicks into place.



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