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Miele FN 12221 S Operating And Installation Manual page 33

Frost-free freezer
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The alarm sounds
and the Alarm
There is a build-up
of frost on the front
panel of the
frost-free system.
Food has frozen
Possible cause
The temperature inside the
appliance is too low.
– The door has been
opened too frequently.
– A large amount of fresh
frood has been put in at
once for freezing without
switching on the Super
freeze function.
– There has been a lengthy
interruption to the power
This is not a fault.
Droplets of condensate
have settled on it and
frozen. This may have been
caused by one of the
– The door has been
opened too frequently or
left open for a while.
– A large quantity of fresh
food has been placed in
the freezer at once.
– There has been an
increase in the humidity in
the room.
Problem solving guide
The alarm will stop and the
Alarm symbol
when the temperature
reaches the correct level
Depending on the
temperature in the freezer,
you should check the
condition of the food. If food
has defrosted or started to
defrost, check that it is still
safe to use, and if so, use it
as quickly as possible.
Defrosted food may only be
re-frozen after it has been
Keep the door closed as
much as possible so that
the frost-free system has a
chance to melt the ice
droplets automatically. This
may take several days.
^ Use a blunt instrument,
e.g. a spoon handle or
plastic scraper, to prise it
apart carefully.
will go out



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