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Miele FN 12221 S Operating And Installation Manual page 43

Frost-free freezer
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^ Unscrew upper hinge pin k using a
suitable spanner.
^ Remove covers l with a flat-bladed
screwdriver from the front.
^ Screw in upper hinge pin k on the
opposite side using a suitable
^ Refit covers l from the back on the
opposite side, and then click them
into place at the front.
^ Remove cap m from door bearing
bush in the door and refit on the
opposite side.
Changing the door hinging
^ Using a flat-bladed screwdriver,
remove spring clamp n from
underneath the door and fit it on the
opposite side.
^ Pull hinge pin e with washer o out
of the door bearing bush from below.
Important. The opening on washer
o must be placed over the notch on
hinge pin e so that the washer o
sits on the washer of hinge pin e.
^ Place hinge pin e with washer o in
the door bearing bush on the
opposite side. Important: the notch
on the pin must face the inside of the
door and the groove the outside.



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