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Super Freeze - Miele FN 12221 S Operating And Installation Manual

Frost-free freezer
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Super freeze

For optimum results switch on the
Super freeze function before putting
fresh food into the freezer.
This helps food to freeze quickly and
retain its nutrients, vitamins, flavours
and appearance.
Super freeze is not necessary:
– when placing food in the freezer that
is already frozen.
– when freezing up to 2 kg fresh food
in any one day.
Switching on Super freeze
When freezing small quantities of food
in the freezer, the Super freeze function
should be switched on 6 hours
beforehand. When freezing the
maximum load of food the Super
freeze function should be switched on
24 hours beforehand.
^ Press the Super freeze button briefly.
The Super freeze symbol ª will light
The appliance will work at full power to
lower the temperature in the appliance.
Switching off Super freeze
The Super freeze function will switch off
automatically after approx. 65 hours.
The indicator light will go out and the
appliance will run at normal power



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