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Storing Frozen Food - Miele FN 12221 S Operating And Installation Manual

Frost-free freezer
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Freezing and storing food
Do not store food in the "inactive"
drawers. The temperature is not
controlled in these drawers and food
stored in them would soon
If you only require 3 freezer drawers as
well as the freezer tray for storing
frozen food:
^ Place food in the top 3 freezer
drawers, leaving the other drawers
^ Remove the fourth drawer and keep it
somewhere else.
^ Slide the isolation plate in
underneath the third drawer.
This "switches off" (isolates) the
drawers below.

Storing frozen food

When buying frozen food to store in
your freezer, check
– that the packaging is not damaged,
– the use-by date,
– and the temperature at which the
frozen food is being stored in the
shop. The length of time it can be
kept is reduced if it has been stored
at a temperature warmer than -18 °C.
^ Buy frozen food once you have
finished the rest of your shopping,
and wrap it in newspaper or use a
cool bag or cool box to transport it.
^ Store it in the freezer as soon as
Never re-freeze partially or fully
defrosted food. Consume defrosted
food as soon as possible as it will
lose its nutritional value and spoil if
left for too long. Defrosted food may
only be re-frozen after it has been



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