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Miele FN 12221 S Operating And Installation Manual page 10

Frost-free freezer
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Warning and Safety instructions
Correct use
This appliance is designed for use
within certain climate ranges (ambient
temperatures), and should not be used
outside this range. The climate range
for your appliance is stated on the data
plate inside the appliance.
Installing it in a room with too low an
ambient temperature, e.g. a garage,
can lead to the appliance switching off
for longer periods so that it cannot
maintain the required temperature.
Do not block the ventilation gaps in
the appliance as this would impair the
efficiency of the appliance, increase the
electricity consumption and could
cause damage to the appliance.
Never handle frozen food with wet
hands. Your hands may freeze to the
frozen food. Danger of frost burn.
Do not take ice cubes out with your
bare hands and never place ice cubes
or ice lollies in your mouth straight from
the freezer.
The very low temperature of the frozen
ice or lollies can cause frost burn to the
lips and tongue.
Do not refreeze thawed or partially
thawed food.
Defrosted food should be used up as
quickly as possible, as food soon loses
its nutritional value and goes off.
Defrosted food may only be re-frozen
after it has been cooked.
Do not store cans or bottles
containing carbonated drinks or liquids
which could freeze in the freezer. The
cans or bottles could explode.
Danger of injury and damage to the
When cooling drinks quickly in the
freezer, make sure bottles are not left in
for more than one hour, otherwise they
could burst. Danger of injury and
Observe the "use by" dates given on
food to avoid the risk of food poisoning.
Storage times will depend on several
factors, including the freshness and
quality of the food as well as the
temperature at which it is stored. Follow
the instructions given on food
manufacturer's packaging on storage
conditions required, as well as the "use
by" date.
Do not store explosive materials in
the appliance or any products
containing propellants (e.g. spray
cans). Thermostats switching on may
produce sparks which could present a
fire hazard. Flammable compounds
could explode.



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