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GE Profile PDW8400 Series Owner's Manual page 5

Ge profile dishwasher
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COOKWARE Heavy 11.4 gal., 95 min.
(POTS & PANS) Medium 10.0 gal., 71 min.
Light 10.0 gal., 66 min.
This cycle is meant for heavily soiled dishes or cookware with dried-on or baked-on soils.
This cycle may not remove burned-on foods. Everyday dishes are safe to be used in this cycle.
NORMAL WASH Heavy 9.9 gal., 74 min.
Medium 7.0 gal., 61 min.
Light 5.6 gal., 48 min.
This cycle is for medium/heavily soiled dishes and glassware.
SPEED CYCLE Heavy 9.3 gal., 36 min.
(on some models) Medium 7.2 gal., 36 min.
Light 5.7 gal., 33 min.
This cycle is for everyday dishes and glassware.
CHINA CRYSTAL Heavy 10.0 gal., 49 min.
Medium 7.2 gal., 36 min.
Light 7.2 gal., 36 min.
This cycle is for lightly soiled china and crystal.
GLASSES Heavy 10.0 gal., 45 min.
(on some models) Medium 7.2 gal., 33 min.
Light 7.2 gal., 32 min.
This cycle is specifically designed for glasses.
PLASTICS CYCLE Heavy 9.9 gal., 119 min.
(on some models) Medium 7.0 gal., 106 min.
Light 5.6 gal., 93 min.
This cycle is specifically designed to reduce the risk of melting plastic items and improve plastic
drying. For removing red tomato-based stains, GE recommends the use of Cascade Plastic Booster
RINSE ONLY Heavy 2.9 gal., 7 min.
Light 1.4 gal., 3 min.
For rinsing partial loads that will be washed later. Do not use detergent with this cycle.
NOTE: On the PDW8700 and PDW8800 Series models, the GLASSES/PLASTICS selector is a toggle pad; toggle the
pad until the desired cycle is indicated.
NOTE: This dishwasher is equipped with an ExtraClean
length and time may vary depending on soil and temperature conditions.
NOTE: Only the Anti-Bacteria cycle has been designed to meet the requirements of Section 6, NSF 184 for soil removal
and sanitization efficacy.
The light above the selected pad will be ON to indicate which ENHANCEMENT has been selected.
DELAY HOURS You can delay the start of a wash cycle for up to 24 hours (depending on model). Press the DELAY
START pad to choose the number of hours you want to delay the start of the cycle; then press
PDW8100–PDW8800 Series: The machine will count down and start automatically at the
correct time.
PDW9200–PDW9800 Series: After closing the door, the machine will count down and
automatically start at the correct time.
NOTE: To cancel the DELAY START selection before the cycle begins, press the DELAY START pad
until the display is blank.
Sensor with automatic temperature control; therefore, cycle


Table of Contents

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