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GE Profile PDW8400 Series Owner's Manual page 16

Ge profile dishwasher
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Table of Contents
Before you call for service...
Troubleshooting Tips
Possible Causes
White film on inside
Hard water minerals
Dishes don't dry
Low inlet water temperature
Rinse agent dispenser is empty
Dishwasher won't run
Fuse is blown, or the
circuit breaker tripped
Wall switch (some installations)
is in the "off" position
This is normal
Sanitized light does
The door was opened and the
not illuminate at the
cycle was interrupted during
end of the cycle
or after the main wash portion
The incoming water
cycle only)
temperature was too low
What To Do
• GE recommends Jet Dry
remove some hard water and minteral stains.
• For extreme staining, clean the interior by applying
dishwasher detergent to a damp sponge. Wear rubber
gloves. Do not use any type of cleanser other than those
recommended or dishwasher detergent because it may
cause foaming or sudsing. Cascade,
and Electrasol
Automatic Dishwashing Detergents have
been approved for use in all GE dishwashers.
• Make sure inlet water temperature is correct (see Using the
dishwasher section).
• Select HEATED DRY.
• Check the rinse agent dispenser.
• Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker. Remove any other
appliances from the circuit.
• Try resetting the START/RESET pad.
• Check for a wall switch that the dishwasher might be
connected to. A wall switch is required by electrical codes
in some localities. Turn the switch "on" if it is "off."
• Steam comes through the vent by the door latch during
drying and when water is being pumped out.
• Do not interrupt the cycle anytime during or after
main wash.
• Raise the water heater temperature to 120°F.
Dishwasher Cleaner to help
Cascade Complete


Table of Contents

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