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GE Profile PDW8100 Series Installation Instructions Manual

Built-in dishwasher
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Read these instructions completely and
governing codes and ordinances.
• Note to Installer – Be sure to leave these instructions
for the consumer's and local inspector's use.
• Note to Consumer – Keep these instructions with your
Owner's Manual for future reference.
• Skill Level – Installation of this dishwasher requires
basic mechanical and electrical skills. Proper instal-
lation is the responsibility of the installer. Product
failure due to improper installation is not covered
under the GE Appliance Warranty.
• Completion Time – 1 to 3 Hours. New installations
require more time than replacement installations.
Observe all
MUST be installed to allow for future removal from the
enclosure if service is required.
If you received a damaged dishwasher, you should
immediately contact your dealer or builder.
Optional Accessories – See the Owner's Manual for
available custom panel kits.


Read and observe all CAUTIONS and WARNINGS
shown throughout these instructions. While performing
installations described in this booklet, gloves, safety
glasses or goggles should be worn.
PDW8100 Series
PDW8800 Series
PDW8200 Series
PDW9200 Series
PDW8500 Series
PDW9700 Series*
PDW8600 Series
PDW9800 Series
PDW8700 Series
*For PDW9700 Series also refer to the Instructions
provided on the template packed with that model.
The dishwasher



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  Summary of Contents for GE Profile PDW8100 Series

  • Page 1: Installation Instructions

    Proper instal- lation is the responsibility of the installer. Product failure due to improper installation is not covered under the GE Appliance Warranty. • Completion Time – 1 to 3 Hours. New installations require more time than replacement installations.
  • Page 2: Parts Supplied

    PARTS SUPPLIED: Two #8 Phillips flat head wood screws, 5/8" long to secure dishwasher to underside of countertop or sides of cabinetry. (Taped to top or side of dishwasher.) Side and top trim pieces Trim Panel Accessory Kit (not shown).
  • Page 3: Prepare Dishwasher Enclosure

    DRAIN IF PLUG IS LEFT IN PLACE. Installation Preparation • The dishwasher must be installed so that drain hose is no more than 10 feet in length for proper drainage. To reduce the risk of electric shock, fire, or injury to 24"...
  • Page 4: Prepare Electrical Wiring

    NOTE: Power cords with plug must pass through a separate hole. Electrical Connection to Dishwasher Electrical connection is on the right front of dishwasher. • For cable direct connections the cable must be routed as shown in Figure E. Cable must extend a minimum of 24"...
  • Page 5: Step 1 Check Door Balance

    (Optional, but strongly recom- mended and may be required by local codes.) • Water connection is on the left side of the dishwasher. Install the hot water inlet line, using no less than 3/8" O.D. copper tubing. Route the line as shown in Figure F and extend forward at least 19"...
  • Page 6: Step 2 Remove Wood Base, Install Leveling Legs

    • Remove the two toekick screws. Figure K Installation Instructions STEP 4 INSTALL POWER CORD Skip this step if dishwasher will be direct wired or has a factory installed power cord. – The power cord and connections must comply with...
  • Page 7: Step 6 Position Water Line And House Wiring

    Installation Instructions STEP 8 SLIDE DISHWASHER DO NOT PUSH AGAINST FRONT PANEL WITH KNEES. DAMAGE WILL OCCUR. • Slide dishwasher into the opening a few inches at a time. 6" • As you proceed, pull the drain hose through the open- ing under the sink.
  • Page 8: Step 10 Position Dishwasher Under Countertop

    “bunched-up” or interfere with the springs as you slide it into the cabinet. • Center the dishwasher in the opening. • Check that the edges of the dishwasher door are behind the cabinet frame and aligned with the front face of the cabinet as shown.
  • Page 9: Step 11 Level Dishwasher

    To Side dishwasher. If the rack rolls in either direction, the dishwasher must be leveled again. • If door hits the tub, the dishwasher is not installed correctly. Adjust leveling legs to align door to tub. Method 1 Secure dishwasher to wood countertop •...
  • Page 10: Step 13 Connect Water Supply

    DISH- WASHER WILL NOT DRAIN IF PLUG IS LEFT IN PLACE. TIP: Avoid unnecessary service call charges. Always be sure disposer drain plug has been removed before attaching dishwasher drain hose to the disposer. Compression Nut Ferrule Hot Water...
  • Page 11: Step 15 Connect Power Supply

    • Secure house wiring to the back of the junction box with a strain relief “B”. • Locate the three dishwasher wires, (white, black and green) with stripped ends. Insert dishwasher wires through the small hole in the junction box “C”. Use wire nuts to connect incoming ground to green, white to white and black to black “D”.
  • Page 12: Step 17 Dishwasher Wet Test

    Push start/reset pad once. Check to be sure that water enters the dishwasher. If water does not enter the dishwasher, check to be sure that water and power are turned on. Check for leaks under the dishwasher. If a leak is found, turn power supply off, then tighten connec- tions.
  • Page 13 Listed by Underwriters Laboratories As an ENERGY STAR ® partner, GE has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR ® guidelines for energy efficiency. Custom Panel for Model PDW9700JII Dishwasher comes panel-ready. Countertop...
  • Page 14 The custom panel should be sized to your installation situation. See Step 1. For easier installation the custom panel and custom handle should be attached before installing the dishwasher. Use this template to locate mounting screws and spacers on the custom panel. IMPORTANT •...
  • Page 15 • Countdown display with 1-24 hour delay – Signals remaining cycle time and starts the dishwasher when no one’s home or during off peak hours when utilities are at reduced rates • QuietPower ™...

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