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GE JP968 Owner's Manual page 7

Electronic touch control cooktop
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Table of Contents
Cooking Guide for Using Heat Settings
High (H) – Quick start for cooking;
bring water to a boil.
Medium High (7–9) – Fast fry, pan
broil; maintains a fast boil on large
amounts of food.
Medium (4–6) – Sauté and brown;
maintains a slow boil on large amounts
of food.
Medium Low (2–3) – Cook after
starting at high; cooks with little water
in covered pan.
Low (1) – Steam rice, cereal; maintains
serving temperature of most foods.
Slow cooking and simmering.
Lowest (L) – Keeps food warm, melts
chocolate and butter.
Fault Code
If an error occurs in the control
operation, a fault code will flash
and the control will signal.
To correct:
Dual Surface Unit
The dual surface unit has a pan sizing
sensor which will automatically set the
small or large surface unit to match the
size of your pan (see the Using Pan Sizing
section). To override the automatic pan
sizing sensor and select the small or large
surface unit:
Touch the CONTROL LOCK pad to
reset the control.
Attempt to set the control to the
desired cooking setting.
If the error is not cleared, allow the
cooktop to cool completely.
Touch the dual surface unit ON/OFF
Use the (+)/(-) pad to set the desired
power setting.
At high or medium-high settings,
never leave food unattended.
Boilovers cause smoking; greasy
spillovers may catch on fire.
It is safe to place hot cookware
from the oven or surface units on
the glass-ceramic surface when it is
cool. Never place cookware on the
control area.
NOTE: Cooktop temperatures increase with the
number of surface units that are on. With 3 or
more units turned on, surface temperatures are
high so be careful when touching the cooktop.
The hot surface indicator light(s) will remain lit
after the surface unit is off until the surface has
cooled below 150°F.
After cooling, touch the CONTROL
LOCK pad again to reset the control.
Again attempt to set the control to
the desired cooking setting.
If the error is still not cleared, turn
off the cooktop power at the circuit
breaker or fuse box for one minute.
If the error reappears, call for
Touch the SIZE SELECT pad once to
turn on the large surface unit. Touch
the pad again to turn on the small
surface unit.
When the indicator light next to the SIZE
SELECT pad is on, the large surface unit is
on. When it is off, the small surface unit
is on.
To turn the dual surface unit off, touch
the ON/OFF pad.



Table of Contents

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