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GE JP930 Owner's Manual

Radiant cooktop
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Safety Instructions
Operating Instructions
Tips ............
7, 8
Dual Smfilce
5, 6
. ........
Care and Cleaning
Control K_:_obs .............
(-;lass Cooktop
10, 11
Tips ......
Consumer" Support
. . ga_k Co_e_
13, 14
_,_ arrantv
. ................
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 ..Safety Instructions .pg 0 Operating Instructions Bridge Surfi_ce _!nit ..1e93l Cookware Tips .... 7, 8 .p960 Dual Smfilce l,Jnit .../e96l Surface Units .... 5, 6 Tempe_ature I,imite_ ..Care and Cleaning Control K_:_obs ..... (-;lass Cooktop ..
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    IMPOfiTANT SAFETY tNFOflMA770N. READALL/NSTflUC770N$BEFORE USING For your safeN the information in this manual must be followed to minim)e the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal i_ury, or loss of #fe. SAFETY P RECAUTIONS When using electrical appliances, basic safety precaufions should be followed, including the following,"...
  • Page 3 www, GEAppliances, cem SAFETY P RECAUTIONS shallow or Do llot touch smf_ce milts. These smfilces Use little f_t fbr effectRe Filling the pail too full may be hot enoHgh to 1)m_l e_n thoHgh dee[>fi?t fi)'ing. of fi_t call cause spilloxers whell food is they are dark ill color Dining and after...
  • Page 4 READALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE U$1N& RADI¼NT S URFACE UNITS Use care when touching the cooktop. The glass surface of the cooktop will retain heat after the contro/s have been turned off, Avoid scratching the glass cooktop. Clean tile cooktop with caution. If a wet The cooktop can be scratched with items spong_ or cloth is used to wipe spills on a hot sm f'ace m_it, be careflfl to m_)id...
  • Page 5 Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model. How to Set the knob im__md mm h_ either UNITON indic_tor light wi]] glow di recti ol_ to th e s ett] m_ g yo I_ _ m_ t . when any sm'ii_ce m/it...
  • Page 6 Usingthesu ace units. DUa] Surfsce Unit (on some models) Large 9_,,,_,,,,_-,,_,_} To I_se the small (6-im_c]_) sm'fi_ce Then)ht front surfaceunit has 2 cooking sizesto sebct from so ytsucan mat@ the sizeof tire unit m_it, mm d_e SELECTOR km_b to tire sr_eof tire cookwareyou are using. com_terc]ockwise to O, P!_s]] im__md surfaceunit...
  • Page 7 Selectingtypesof coekware. The foliowing information wiii he/p you choose cool<ware which wili give good performance on glass cooktops. Porcelain EnameI-Cevered Cast Iron'. Stainless Steel: recommended rP.ooh,?mellded As lom_g as the cook>,are is co',ered completely with porcelaim_ enamel, this Aluminum: cook>,are is recomme]_ded.
  • Page 8 Selectingtypesof ceekware. Observe the Following Points in Canning Pots that exte0_d bevo0_d l" of the Remember that camfi_g is a surfi_ce Imit's circle are _/ot process that ge0_e_:_tes ]aroe_ amolmts (of steam. To) avoid bl,'_ls recommended for most sm'fi_ce Right! f}'om steam or ]]eat, be careful cooldn_g.
  • Page 9 Camand cleaning of the cooktop. Be sure electrica/ power is off and a/I surfaces are cool before cleaning any part of the cooktop. How to Remove Packaging Tape Apply with a so_ doth amid a]]OW soak To assm'e m_o &m_age is dotage to the {impish Wipe dr} m_d thel_ apply am_app]ial_ce of tl_e pro(h_ct,...
  • Page 10 Cleaning the glass ceektep. Normal Bai/y Use Cleaning ONLY use (_ERAMA BRUTE Shake the c]eaMm_g cream well (2ookrop Clea uer o]_ d_e _glass ..coo];toi). _pp]) a {ew drops of CEP.AM_ Other creams m_ot be as e[_ecth'e. BP&TE Ce];m]ic Cooktop C]em]er direcd_ t{} die...
  • Page 11 www. 6EAppliances,eem Meta/ Marks and Scratches Be care{_fl m_otto slk_e pots amid Ixms If pots wkh a thim_o'¢er]ay o[ across _m _cooktop. It will lea_e I H'N_ ] m_ I U'N_ ( )Y coRNel" it[] I)_:re(] metal markim_gs o]_ d_e cooktop to boil d_) the over]a_ ma_ leave SUTfi_ce.
  • Page 12 Before YouCellForService... Troubleshooting Tips Save Limeand money! Review the charts on the following pages first and you may not need to carl for service. * Be sure cookware bottoms amid c(a)kx_are are c]eaN_ Cookware with rough be{ore use. Use couk,_are bottoms.
  • Page 13 GE Service Protection Plus '_' (;E, a imme recogifized wor]d_k]e for qua_ky a_]d depeildabi]k), offers Ser_ke eheI_s_ Prote(tkm } ll_s --comp] e prote(:tio[] a]ll }(mr applliai_(:es-- No Matter What Brand! Benefits Include: Wo Ti Corot Any Apptianco. o Backed by GE...
  • Page 14 (a_/couu_c{ you require scrod( e. the tm/ikd} evem Ore" serxice i![lUlDpr sa{b{vmodi{k: _tiou. 800.GE.CARES (8(}0.432.2737). Model Number Serial Number , , , , , , I I , , , , , Important:...
  • Page 15 Customer Care_ technician. Proof of the original purchase To schedule service, on-fine, 24 hours a day, visit us at date is needed to obtain service www. gEAppfiances, com, or carl 800.GE.CARES (800.432.2737). under the warranty. One Yna_ From the date of the...
  • Page 16: Consumer Support

    Consumer Support. gEApp/iancesWebs/te Ha_e _ (p_esdom_ or need ussist;mce )our app]ia_ce? Try the GE Applia_ces _k_bsite 24 horn's a day. am_y day of t]_e veaff For greater comwem_iel_ce amid fi_ster service, }ol_ can dowl_]oad Owl_er's Mamm]s, order parts, catalogs,...

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