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Setting The Clock/Timer - GE 1549887 Instruction Manual

8-cup thermal carafe coffee maker with digital clock/timer
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GE8TSDB-393 new TL
9. Make sure Carafe Lid is properly
secured onto Carafe. When you
replace the Thermal Carafe onto
the Base Plate, the Carafe will
snap easily into position under
the Auto Pause and Pour
Turn guides to
face the rear of
the coffee maker.
Helpful Hints for Brewing
• Always use fresh, cold water for
brewing. In areas with hard
water or where water contains a
high mineral content, use cold
filtered water for optimal
coffee taste.

Setting the Clock/Timer

Setting the Clock
1. Plug the power cord into a wall
outlet. The display will flash until
the time of day is set.
NOTE: A power failure will also
cause the display to flash and it
will be necessary to reset the
2. To set the clock, hold the HOUR
button in for 3 to 5 seconds until
the hour setting begins to
change. Press the HOUR button
until the correct hour is
displayed, noting that PM is
indicated on the left of the
4:13 PM
Figure 3
Page 7
10. The LCD will flash "12:00"
until you set the time. The ON
light should be OFF. If it is
accidentally lit, press the
ON/OFF button once and the
ON light will turn OFF.
Firmly replace the Removable
Filter Basket by pushing it
down into the Filter Basket
Holder with the handle in the
upright position. Make sure it
fits snugly so the Coffee
Maker Lid will close properly
(Lid will snap into place).
• For best results, use a premium,
fine grind, roast coffee.
• Use a #4 paper cone filter or a
permanent gold filter.
3. Press the MIN button until the
correct minutes are displayed. A
few seconds after you release the
button, the colon between the
hour and the minutes will begin
to flash, indicating that the clock
is running.



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