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GE 1549887 Instruction Manual page 6

8-cup thermal carafe coffee maker with digital clock/timer
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GE8TSDB-393 new TL
Using Your 8-Cup Thermal
Carafe Coffee Maker with
Digital Clock/Timer
IMPORTANT: Place coffee
maker on a level surface.
1. Plug the appliance into a standard
120 V AC electrical outlet.
2. Make sure unit is in the OFF
position. The Indicator Light will
be off.
3. Remove the Carafe from the Base
4. Remove Carafe Lid by turning the
Carafe Lid handle counter-clock-
wise until the arrow on the Carafe
Lid is aligned with the arrow on
the Carafe. Lift Carafe Lid off.
(See Figure 1).
5. Fill the Carafe with cold water. Lift
the Coffee Maker Lid on top of the
coffee maker and slowly pour the
water from the Thermal Carafe into
the Water Reservoir to the level for
the desired number of cups (1-8).
Replace Carafe Lid by aligning
arrows on Carafe Lid and Carafe
body and turn clockwise until
handles are aligned (see Figure 2).
4:13 PM
Figure 1
Page 6
6. Extend the Removable Filter Basket
handle to lift the Removable Filter
Basket straight up and out of the
coffee maker. Insert a #4 cone
shaped paper coffee filter
(or a permanent gold filter) inside
the Removable Filter Basket.
7. Place coffee grounds in the filter,
using one level tablespoon of
drip grind coffee for each cup of
brewed coffee.
8. While holding Filter Basket
Handle up as in Figure 3 (page 7),
turn the Filter Basket so that the
2 guides are facing away from you.
See Figure 3 (page 7). Firmly
replace the Removable Filter Basket
by pushing it down into the Filter
Basket Holder with the handle in
the upright position. Make sure it
fits snugly so the Coffee Maker Lid
will close properly. Fold the handle
down toward you. When the handle
is folded down, it activates latches
on the side of the Removable Filter
Basket and locks it into place. Close
the Coffee Maker Lid ensuring it
snaps securely into place.
Figure 2



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