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GE 1549887 Instruction Manual page 3

8-cup thermal carafe coffee maker with digital clock/timer
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GE8TSDB-393 new TL
WARNING: This appliance generates heat and escaping steam during use. Use
proper precautions to prevent the risk of burns, fires, or other injury to
persons or damage to property.
1. All users of this appliance must
read and understand this Owner's
Manual before operating or
cleaning this appliance.
2. The cord to this appliance should
be plugged into a 120V AC
electrical outlet only.
3. Use water and coffee only in this
appliance! Do not put any other
liquids or food products (other
than coffee) in this appliance. Do
not mix or add anything to the
water placed in this appliance,
except as instructed in the User
Maintenance Instructions to clean
the appliance.
4. DO NOT attempt to move the
base of the appliance while it is
hot. Allow appliance to cool
completely before moving.
5. Keep appliance at least 4 inches
away from walls or other objects
during operation. Do not place
any objects on top of appliance
while it is operating. Place the
appliance on a surface that is
resistant to heat.
6. If this appliance begins to
malfunction during use, imme-
diately unplug the cord. Do not
use or attempt to repair the
malfunctioning appliance.
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7. If this appliance falls or
accidentally becomes immersed in
water or any other liquid, unplug
it immediately. Do not reach into
the water! Do not use this
appliance after it has fallen into
or has become immersed in water.
Contact Consumer Service for
examination and repair.
8. Do not leave this appliance
unattended during use.
9. The appliance must be left to cool
down sufficiently before adding
more water to avoid splattering.
Always use fresh, cool water in
your appliance. Warm water or
other liquids, except as listed in
cleaning section, may cause
damage to the appliance.
10. DO NOT put Thermal Carafe
into a microwave.
11. DO NOT lift Filter Basket Lid
until brewing is complete, and all
parts have cooled.
12. The Thermal Carafe is designed for
use with this appliance. It must
never be used on a range top.
Do not use a damaged Thermal
13. To prevent injury when utilizing
the Auto Pause and Pour feature,
replace thermal carafe within (1)
one minute of removing during
brewing process.



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