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Frequently Asked Questions - Honeywell CT3300 Installation And Programming Instructions

Weekday/weekend (5-day/2-day) programmable heat and/or cool low voltage (20 to 30 vac) thermostat and mounting plate
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Change a program permanently
Follow steps for programming heating schedule or programming cooling schedule.


Display does not come on
Temperature display does not go
lower than 45°F (7°C) or higher than
88°F (31°C) during programming.
Display shows flashing "bAt Lo."
Temperature change occurs at wrong
Heating does not come on
Make sure the batteries are fresh and installed correctly.
Set System switch to Off. Remove batteries and insert backward for five to
ten seconds to reset thermostat. Replace batteries correctly; display should
come on.
Temperature limit setting is reached; range is 45°F to 88°F (7°C to 31°C).
The batteries are low; replace them as soon as possible.
If "bAt Lo" continues to display after replacing batteries, set System switch
to OFF and insert batteries backward for five to ten seconds. Replace
batteries correctly; display should come on.
Check program times for period in question. Be sure AM and PM
indications are correct. Make sure current day and time are correct.
Reprogram if necessary.
Check that the System switch is set to Heat.
Check the system fuse or circuit breaker and replace or reset if necessary.
Check for correct wiring and good connections.
If display is blank or displays "bAt Lo," install fresh batteries.
Allow time for the furnace to heat up and the fan to come on before
checking for heat at the register.
If temperature setting is higher than current room temperature and System
On arrow is displayed, thermostat is operating correctly. Contact heating
contractor for assistance.



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