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Honeywell CT3200 Installation And Programming Instructions

Weekday/weekend (5-day/2-day) programmable heat and/or cool low voltage (20 to 30 vac) thermostat and mounting plate
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Welcome to the world of comfort and energy savings
with your new Honeywell MagicStat® Programmable
Thermostat. Your new thermostat will automatically
control the temperature in your home, keeping you
comfortable while saving energy.
If you have any questions about using this thermostat,
visit our home expert Web site at or call Honeywell
Customer Relations at 1-800-468-1502.
®U.S. Registered Trademark
Copyright © 2001 Honeywell • All Rights Reserved
CT3200 Programmable Thermostat
Installation and Programming Instructions
Weekday/Weekend (5-day/2-day)
Programmable Heat and/or Cool
Low Voltage (20 to 30 Vac)
Thermostat and Mounting Plate
Model CT3200

Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell CT3200

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    If you have any questions about using this thermostat, Frequently asked questions visit our home expert Web site at or call Honeywell Limited 1-Year Warranty Customer Relations at 1-800-468-1502. ®U.S. Registered Trademark Copyright © 2001 Honeywell • All Rights Reserved 69- 0653- 6...
  • Page 2: Installation

    If your system is not compatible with the CT3200, the table recommends an alternate Honeywell model. If you are unsure what type of thermostat is right for your system, visit us on the Web at or call Honeywell Customer Relations at 1-800-468-1502.
  • Page 3 • Labels • Installation and Programming Instructions Gather the needed tools and supplies listed below. Required tools and supplies Optional tools • Two AA alkaline batteries. Honeywell recommends Energizer® • Wire cutter/stripper or sharp knife batteries. • Level • Screwdriver •...
  • Page 4 Step 2. Remove the old thermostat Fig. 2 Turn off power to the heating/cooling system, either at the furnace or at the fuse/circuit breaker panel. Remove the cover of your old thermostat (Fig. 2). Unscrew and remove the old thermostat’s mounting plate from the wall, but do not disconnect the wires.
  • Page 5: Install The Mounting Plate

    Step 3. Install the mounting plate Fig. 5 Separate the mounting plate from the thermostat using a coin, as shown in Fig 5. Position the mounting plate on the wall. Be sure the mounting plate sits flush against the wall and none of the wires are trapped behind it.
  • Page 6: Set For Your Type Of Heating

    Step 4. Set the thermostat for your type of heating system Fig. 8 IMPORTANT: Setting your thermostat correctly for your type of heating system allows it to maintain accurate temperature control, THERMOSTAT BACK HEATING SELECTING ºF OR ºC minimize swings in the temperature of the room, and efficiently run SYSTEM TYPE the fan.
  • Page 7 Heating System Table Note: Setting the screw “out one turn” means turning the screw 360° counter-clockwise, or one complete turn. Type of system Screws A and B Fuel switch Warm air, gas, or oil heating system with an efficiency rating under 90%. Use factory setting (The furnace efficiency rating should be on the furnace.) A–leave in...
  • Page 8 IMPORTANT: Batteries must be installed for programming and Fig. 13 operation of the thermostat and heating/cooling system. Honeywell recommends using Energizer® batteries. Make sure that the System switch is set in the OFF position. Using a coin, open the battery door as shown in Fig. 13.
  • Page 9 Special wiring instructions A clock thermostat with C or C1 terminals A clock thermostat has one or two extra wires attached to the C or C1 terminals that allow the clock to operate. These wires are not used during the installation of your new 3200 thermostat and must be insulated from each other to avoid damaging your electrical circuit.
  • Page 10 Five wires connected to the old thermostat Your new thermostat has a factory-installed metal jumper between the R and Rc terminals (Fig. 15). Remove the jumper before wiring the R and Rc terminals. JUMPER (FACTORY- Fig. 15 INSTALLED). REMOVE IF 5-WIRE SYSTEM M20127 Old thermostat terminals that do not match new thermostat terminals Use the table below to wire the new thermostat.
  • Page 11: Programming

    Programming Faceplate illustration and descriptions Descriptions Fig. 16 1 Fan switch–Selects automatic fan operation or fan on (page 17) 2 Set Schedule–Puts the thermostat into programming SYSTEM ON MO TU WE TH FR SA SU TEMPORARY mode (page 14) WAKE LEAVE RETURN SLEEP 3 Set Clock/Day–Sets the clock and day (page 12) Time Temp...
  • Page 12 Step 1. Set the current time and day Fig. 17 Press once. The time is displayed (Fig. 17). Press and hold until the current time is displayed. Fig. 18 Press again. The day is displayed (Fig. 18). Press and hold until the current day is displayed.
  • Page 13 Program period Description When available The time when you get up and get ready to leave your home. Weekdays and weekend WAKE You can set the system at a comfortable temperature for this period. The time when you are regularly away from home. You can set Weekdays only LEAVE up an energy-saving temperature for this period.
  • Page 14 Step 3. Program the heating schedule Write in the times and temperatures that you want to program for your heating schedule. Heating Program WAKE LEAVE RETURN SLEEP Schedule period Suggested Time 6:00 8:00 6:00 10:00 Settings Temp 70°F (21°C) 62°F (16.5°C) 70°F (21°C) 62°F (16.5°C) Weekday...
  • Page 15: Program The Cooling Schedule

    Fig. 23 Press until the weekend schedule is displayed (Fig. 23). Set the Saturday and Sunday WAKE time by pressing until the desired time is displayed. Fig. 24 Set the Saturday and Sunday WAKE temperature by pressing until the desired temperature is displayed (Fig.
  • Page 16: Check Out The System

    Set the System switch to COOL. Repeat steps 3c. through 3k. to program the weekday and weekend cooling schedule. Step 5. Check out the system Verify that your heating system works Set the System switch to HEAT, and the Fan switch to AUTO.
  • Page 17: Operation

    Press until the setting is 10 ° F (6 °C) above room temperature. Your cooling system and fan should stop. Set the System switch to OFF and the Fan switch to AUTO. The cooling system and fan should be off. Operation Change the clock for Daylight/Standard time Press...
  • Page 18: Replace The Batteries

    Switch Setting Result System Cool The thermostat controls your air conditioning system. Both the heating and air conditioning systems are off. Heat The thermostat controls your heating system. Replace the batteries As the batteries run low, your thermostat shows the following in the digital display: If you see: Batteries are: You should: Flashing “bAt Lo”...
  • Page 19: Override The Program Settings

    Override the program settings Note: Make sure the System switch is set to either HEAT or COOL before making any changes to the schedule. Change the temperature temporarily Fig. 27 Press until the desired temperature is displayed. An arrow is displayed indicating that the change is temporary (Fig.
  • Page 20 Check the current programmed temperature Fig. 29 Press to display the temperature that is programmed for the current program period. The SET indicator displays briefly along with the programmed temperature (Fig. 29). The display then returns to the room temperature. Check programs Press repeatedly to display the times and temperatures...
  • Page 21: Faq

    Frequently asked questions If... Then... Display will not come on • Make sure the batteries are fresh and installed correctly. • Set the System switch to OFF. Remove the batteries and then insert them backwards for five to ten seconds to reset the thermostat. Replace the batteries correctly.
  • Page 22 –5:30 Central Time, or visit us at Before you call, please have the following information available: • Thermostat model number and serial code (located under the battery cover) • Type of heating/cooling system (hot water, warm air, oil, gas, etc.) •...
  • Page 23: Limited 1-Year Warranty

    Scarborough, Ontario M1V 4Z9 This warranty does not cover removal or reinstallation costs. This warranty shall not apply if it is shown by Honeywell that the defect or malfunction was caused by damage which occurred while the product was in the possession of a consumer.
  • Page 24 Home and Building Control Home and Building Control Honeywell Limited–Honeywell Limitée Honeywell 35 Dynamic Drive 1985 Douglas Drive North Scarborough, Ontario Golden Valley, MN 55422 M1V 4Z9 Printed in the U.S.A. 69-0653-6 Rev. 9-01...

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