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GE Dryers Owner's Manual page 21

Ge dryers owner's manual
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Clothes are wrinkled
Clothes shrink
Greasy spots on clothes
Lint on clothes
Static occurs
Collars and waistbands
still wet at end of cycle
Possible Causes
Letting items sit in dryer after
cycle ends
Some fabrics will naturally shrink • To avoid shrinkage, follow garment care labels exactly.
when washed. Others can be
safely washed, but will shrink
in the dryer
Improper use of fabric softener
Drying dirty items
with clean ones
Clothes were not
completely clean
Lint filter is full
Improper sorting
Static electricity can attract lint
Paper, tissue, etc., left in pockets • Empty all pockets before laundering clothes.
No fabric softener was used
Synthetics, permanent press
and blends can cause static
The dryness monitor senses
that the body of the clothes
is dry
What To Do
• Select a shorter drying time.
• Remove items while they still hold a slight amount of
moisture. Select a LESS DRY or DAMP setting.
•Remove items when cycle ends and fold or hang
immediately, or use the EXTEND TUMBLE option.
•Separate large loads into smaller ones.
• Some items may be pressed back into shape after drying.
• If you are concerned about shrinkage in a particular
item, do not machine wash or tumble dry it.
• Follow directions on fabric softener package.
• Use your dryer to dry only clean items. Dirty items can
stain clean items and the dryer.
• Sometimes stains which cannot be seen when the
clothes are wet appear after drying. Use proper washing
procedures before drying.
• Clean lint screen before each load.
• Sort lint producers (like chenille) from lint collectors
(like corduroy).
• See suggestions in this section under STATIC.
• Separate large loads into smaller ones.
• Try a fabric softener.
• Bounce
Fabric Conditioner Dryer Sheets have been
approved for use in all GE Dryers when used in
accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
• Try a fabric softener.
• Adjust setting to LESS DRY or DAMP.
• Try a fabric softener.
• Choose SPEED DRY or TIMED DRY to dry damp collars
and waistbands. In the future, when drying a load with
collars and waistbands, choose MORE DRY.

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Table of Contents

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