Energy Efficient - Fujitsu Mini-Split Manual

Mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps
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Wall Mounted
They mount high on a wall, out of sight
and do not require ductwork, increasing
energy efficiency.
Quiet operation
Easy maintenance
High delivered efficiency means
lower utility bills
Compact Duct
Mounted in a ceiling or in a framed
enclosure below a ceiling. They use
minimal ductwork and remain very

energy efficient.

Concealed and out of sight
Look of central air with the
efficiency of a mini-split
Less ducts = higher efficiency
Compact Cassette
Cassettes are extremely discreet, with
only the grille showing in the ceiling.
They use the latest fan technology to
distribute the conditioned air evenly.
Wired remote controller
(wireless is optional)
Powerful turbo fan operation
Fits into a standard 2' x 2'
ceiling grid

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents