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How It Works - Kenmore 43785777 Use & Care Manual

Cleanable hepa type air cleaner
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This Air Cleaner is equipped with a three stage cleaning system that utilizes
a charcoal pre-filter, Cleanable HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor)-
Type Filter and ionizer.
Room air is drawn into the air cleaner through the air intake grille and passes
through the filters:
The charcoal pre-filter attracts larger and odor producing particles and
prevents them from passing into the Cleanable HEPA-Type filter.
Finer particles not trapped by the charcoal pre-filter are captured by the
Cleanable HEPA-Type filter.
The filtered air is then released from the front of the unit and dispersed
outward into the room. The Ionizer, when turned ON, adds negative ions to
the exiting stream of clean air. This function provides additional air freshening
and revitalization (See Fig. 1).
Fig. 1
Air Intake Grille
HEPA- Type Filter
Air Cleaner Cabinet



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