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Important Safety Instructions - Kenmore 152.83244 Owner's Manual

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Please read all instructions
before using this product. Save these instructions fbr
easy reference. When using electrical appfianccs, basic precautions
shouM alwws
bc followed to reduce breakage, risk of fire, electric shimk and injury m persons
h_cludh_g the following:
• Read all instructions
bcfbrc operating the air cleaner.
• Place air cleaner where it is not easily knocked over by persons in the
• Always unplug air cleaner when not in use.
• Do not use any product
with a damaged cord or plug or if product
malfunctions, is dropped
or damaged in any manncc
° Kccp power cord awW from heated surfaces.
° Do not use air cleaner outdoors.
• Never use air cleaner unless Jt is fully assembled.
• Do not run power cord under carpets, and do not cover with throw rugs.
Arrange cord such that _t will not bc tripped over.
° Do not use air cleaner where combustible
gases or wq_ors are present.
• Do not expose the air cleaner to rain, or use nc4r water, in a bathroom,
lmmdry area or damp location.
• To disconnect
the air cleaner, first turn the speed control m OFF position and
remove plug from the outlet.
• Do not allow fi)rcign objects to enter ventilation or exhaust opening as this
m W cause electric shock or damage to the air cleancc Do not bMck air outlets
or _ntakcs.
° Locate air cleaner near power outlet and avoid using extension cord.
° The air cleaner has a F_i_lar_cd plug (one blade is wider than the othcr).To
reduce risk of shilmk, this plug is intended to fit in a polarized outlet only one
way. ff the plug does not fit fully Jn the outlet, reverse the plug. DO NOT
attempt to defeat this safety feature.
• A Mosc fit between the plug and thcAC outlet (receptacle)
may cause
and a distortion of the plug. Contact a qt_fificd electrician
replace k:_oscor worn receptacles.
• Do not sit, stand or place heavy objects on the air clcance
• Disconnect
power supply bcRwc servicing.
• _/ARNING:To reduce risk of fire or electric shock, do not use this product
with any sofid-statc speed control device.
KenmoreAir Cleaner Model 83244


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