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    owner’s manual F O R E R U N N E R 3 1 0 X T ® MULTISPORT GPS TRAINING DEVICE...

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    Visit the Garmin Web site (www.garmin.com) for current updates and supplemental information concerning the use and operation of this and other Garmin products. Garmin , the Garmin logo, Garmin Training ®...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Go Work Out! ... Downloading Free Software ... Sending Workout Data to Your Computer ... Locking the Keys ... Forerunner Backlight ... Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Training ... About the Training Page ... Sport Mode ... Auto Lap ® ...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Clearing User Data ... Caring for the Forerunner ... Updating the Forerunner Software Using Garmin Connect ... Battery Information ... Specifications ... Software License Agreement... Declaration of Conformity ... Troubleshooting ... Heart Rate Zone Table ... Index ... Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 5: Introduction, More Information, Product Registration, Free Software, Contact Garmin

    Contact Garmin Product Support if you have any questions while using your Forerunner. In the USA, go to www.garmin.com/support, or contact Garmin USA by phone at (913) 397.8200 or (800) 800.1020. In the UK, contact Garmin (Europe) Ltd. by phone at 0808 2380000.

  • Page 6: Keys

    Press and hold to scroll quickly through the settings. (page 34). • Press to scroll through training pages during a workout. • On the Virtual Partner press and hold to adjust the Virtual Partner pace. arrows (up/down) page, ® Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 7: Getting Started, Charging The Battery, Turning On The Device

    2. Plug the AC adapter into a standard wall outlet. 3. Align the charging clip posts with the contacts on the back of the Forerunner. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Contacts 4. Clip the charger securely over the face of the Forerunner. Chargng clp A fully charged battery will last up to 20 hours, depending on usage.

  • Page 8: Acquiring Satellite Signals

    ( ) at the top. for more note: By default, the settings on your Forerunner update the time and correct time zone automatically according to satellite information. page 9 Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 9: Using The Heart Rate Monitor, Pairing The Heart Rate Monitor

    It should be snug enough to stay in place during your run. Heart Rate Monitor Module (Front) Snaps Heart Rate Monitor Module (Back) Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Electrodes Heart Rate Monitor Strap (Back) 1. Snap one side of the strap to the heart rate monitor module.

  • Page 10: Go Work Out!, Customizing Your Sport Settings

    > 2. Press > 3. After completing your activity, press stop. 4. Press and hold mode your activity and reset the training page. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual mode to change mode > select Settings Data Fields to customize up mode...

  • Page 11: Downloading Free Software, Computer, Locking The Keys, Forerunner Backlight, Forerunner 310xt Owner's Manual

    2. Bring your Forerunner within 5 m of your computer. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual 3. Follow the on-screen instructions. 4. Ensure pairing is enabled. 5. Use Garmin Connect to view and analyze your data. Locking the Keys ™ You can lock the keys on your Forerunner.

  • Page 12: Status Icons

    The battery is charging. The device is uploading data or pairing with fitness equipment. Status Icons Press and release to view the status icons. Heart rate monitor active Speed and cadence sensor active Foot pod active Power sensor active Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 13

    The activity class information is provided by Firstbeat Technologies Ltd., portions of which are based on Jackson et al. “Prediction of Functional Aerobic Capacity Without Exercise Testing,” Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 22 (1990): 863–870. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Activity Class Chart Training...

  • Page 14: Training, About The Training, Sport Mode, Auto Lap

    Auto Lap does not function during interval or custom workouts. 1. Press select sport settings (depends on your current sport mode) > Lap. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual page mode to change the ® mode > select...

  • Page 15: Auto Pause

    By Position page 18), use laps at all of the lap positions marked in the course. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Auto Pause to enter a Auto Pause is helpful if your training to choose includes stop lights or other places where you need to slow down or stop.

  • Page 16: Auto Scroll, Heart Rate

    1–5 according to increasing intensity. The Forerunner sets the heart rate zone ranges (see the table on page 48) based on your maximum and resting heart rates set in your user profile Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual HR Zones to start the (page 36).

  • Page 17: Virtual Partner

    You can customize your heart rate zones in your Garmin Connect user profile and then transfer data to your Forerunner. How Do Heart Rate Zones Affect Your Fitness Goals? Knowing your heart rate zones can help you measure and improve...

  • Page 18: Alerts

    Vrtual enter information for any of the Partner following alarms: • • to increase mode • • Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual mode > select Training page 10). enter and press Time Alert—notifies you when you have run for a specific amount of time.

  • Page 19: Workouts

    To use HR alerts, you must have a Forerunner 310XT and a heart rate monitor. • Cadence Alert—notifies you if your cadence exceeds, or drops below, a specific number of revolutions of crank arm per minute (rpm) or strides per minute (spm).

  • Page 20: Stopping A Workout

    Reps Custom workouts can include goals for each workout step and varied distances, times, and calories. Use Garmin Connect to create and edit workouts and transfer them to your Forerunner. You can also schedule workouts using Garmin Connect. You can plan workouts in advance and store them on your Forerunner.

  • Page 21

    11. To mark any step as a rest step, select the step. Then select as Rest Step from the menu. Rest steps are noted in your workout history. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Repeating Steps 1. Select <Add New 2 In the Duration Repeat.

  • Page 22: Courses

    You can also race against the Virtual Partner when training with courses. Creating Courses with Garmin Connect Use Garmin Connect to create courses and course points and transfer them to your Forerunner. note: For more information about transferring data to your Forerunner, page >...

  • Page 23: Multisport Workouts

    If you stray away from the course, the Forerunner displays an “Off Course” message. Use the navigation page to find your way back to the course. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Deleting a Course 1. Press mode Courses. start 2. Select a course from the list.

  • Page 24: Creating Auto Multisport Workouts

    4. To add a sport mode to the end of the list, select Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual start to begin your workout mode > select Training Multisport.

  • Page 25: Swimming With Your Forerunner

    Press > select Multisport. You can also clear a multisport workout by pressing and then pressing and holding to reset the timer. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Swimming with Your Include Forerunner The Forerunner is waterproof to Start 50 m for surface swimming. Use the timer to record your swim time.

  • Page 26: Using The Countdown Timer

    2. Press Other Settings Timer. 3. Select 4. Enter the countdown time. 5. Press countdown timer. You will hear 5 beeps before the timer starts automatically. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual mode > select mode > select Settings Countdown > Countdown Timer >...

  • Page 27: History, Saving History, Viewing Activity History, Viewing Totals

    3 seconds. When the Forerunner memory is full, an error message appears. Upload your history to Garmin Connect or Garmin Training Center periodically to keep track of all of your data (see page Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 28: Deleting History

    Deleting History After you have transferred your history to Garmin Connect or Garmin Training Center, you can delete the history from your Forerunner. 1. Press mode > select Delete. 2. Select an option: • Individual Activities • Activities—delete all activities from the history.

  • Page 29: Navigation, Adding The Map, Marking Locations

    This dotted line is called a track. To zoom in or out on the map, press Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Ponts to North Zoom level...

  • Page 30: Location, Editing Or Deleting A Location

    > Go to Stop Going to a Location Press Editing or Deleting a to select. Location 1. Press mode Compass mode > select mode > select Location. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual > Stop >...

  • Page 31: Using Back To Start, Viewing Gps Information

    Start. A line appears on the map from your current location to your starting point. Follow the lne back to your startng pont. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Viewing GPS Information The Satellite page displays information about the GPS signals the Forerunner is currently receiving.

  • Page 32: Settings, Data Fields

    Average cadence for the duration of your current ride. Average cadence for the current lap. Number of calories burned. Distance in nautical miles. Distance traveled on the current run. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 33

    10 ft. you climb (elevation) you travel 200 ft. (distance), your grade is 5%. Heading Current direction you are traveling. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Data Field Description Heart Rate Heart rate in bpm. Heart Percentage of Rate–%HRR heart rate reserve...

  • Page 34

    Pace– Average pace for Average ** the run. Pace–Lap ** Average pace in the current lap. Pace–Last Average pace Lap ** during the last full lap. Power ** Current power output in watts or % FTP. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 35

    Current range of power output (1-7) based on your FTP or custom settings. Speed ** Current speed. Speed–Avg Average speed for the run. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Data Field Description Speed–Lap Average speed in the current lap. Speed–Last Average speed Lap ** during the last full lap.

  • Page 36: System

    Display—page 33 Map—page 33 time—page 33 units—page 34 weight Scale Fitness Data > initial to configure the Forerunner. www.garmin and click garmin Vibrations—page 31 ant+—page 34 equipment—page 34 transfer—page Setup—run the initial setup Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 37: Changing The Map Settings, Changing The Display, Changing Time Settings

    Use a short backlight setting to conserve battery power. • Contrast—select the amount of screen contrast. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Changing the Map Settings 1. Press System Settings > Vibration. 2. To change the orientation of the map, press enter, and select an option.

  • Page 38: Changing Units Of Measure, Using The Weight Scale, Linking To Fitness Equipment

    To link your device to compatible fitness equipment, look for the ANT+ Link Here logo. note: If fitness equipment is already enabled, go to step 3. 1. Press System 2. Select Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual mode > select Settings Fitness Equipment. > Enabled >...

  • Page 39: Transferring Data

    If you have trouble connecting reset the fitness equipment and pair again. www.garmin.com/antplus more linking instructions. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Transferring Data Move away (10 m) from other ANT+ accessories while the Forerunner is trying to pair with the computer for the first time.

  • Page 40: User Profile, About Forerunner

    Ltd. For more information, go to http://www.firstbeattechnologies .com/files/Energy_Expenditure Settings > _Estimation. enabled > About Forerunner mode Press about Forerunner software version, the GPS version, and the unit ID. History > > Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Settings > select > to view the...

  • Page 41: Using Accessories, Pairing Accessories

    Forerunner. Pairing is connecting ANT+ accessories, such as the heart rate monitor, with your Forerunner. The Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual pairing process only takes a few seconds when the accessories are activated and functioning correctly.

  • Page 42: Heart Rate Monitor

    2. Remove the cover and battery. Wait 30 seconds. Insert the new battery with the positive side facing up. note: Be careful not to damage or lose the O-ring gasket. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 43: Foot Pod

    Rinse the strap after every use. Hand wash the strap in cold water with a mild detergent after every five uses. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual Do not put the strap in a washing machine or a dryer. To prolong the life of your heart rate monitor, unsnap the module when not in use.

  • Page 44

    Increase the calibration factor if your distance is too low; decrease the calibration factor if your distance is too high. Settings > Pod. Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual in the Foot pod sensor By GPS > select Settings > Foot Pod Calibration >...

  • Page 45: Gsc 10 Bike Sensor, Bike Details, Data Recording

    Bike Details To enter information specific to your bike in order to calibrate your sensors more accurately, complete the following steps: Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual 1. Press and hold the bike sport mode. 2. Press > Bike Settings Bike 3.

  • Page 46: Power Meter

    FTP (functional threshold power), you can enter it, and allow the device to calculate your power zones automatically. You can also enter your power zones manually. Settings Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual mode > select Settings > bike name > Zones.

  • Page 47: Appendix, Resetting The Forerunner, Clearing User Data, Caring For The Forerunner

    User information, such as history, locations, and tracks, is retained indefinitely in the memory of the unit without the need for external power. Back up important user data by transferring it to Garmin Connect. page...

  • Page 48: Software Using Garmin Connect, Battery Information, Specifications

    Forerunner software updates and Garmin Connect Web-based software. If there is new software available, Garmin Connect alerts you to update the Forerunner’s software. Follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure your device stays in range of the computer during the update process.

  • Page 49

    7 mm) weight: 0.01 lbs. (6 g) transmission range: Approximately 16.4 ft. (5 m) operating temperature: From 14°F to 122°F (from -10°C to 50°C) Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual radio frequency/protocol: 2.4 GHz/ANT+ wireless communications protocol Power source: USB Heart Rate Monitor Physical size (module): W ×...

  • Page 50: Software License Agreement, Declaration Of Conformity

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE FOLLOWING SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT. PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. Garmin grants you a limited license to use the software embedded in this device (the “Software”) in binary executable form in the normal operation of the product. Title,...

  • Page 51: Troubleshooting

    Ensure fitness equipment is enabled won’t pair with mode compatible fitness to the timer page. If you still cannot pair, reset both the equipment. device Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual mode > select > page 37). Make sure the accessory is sending data page...

  • Page 52: Heart Rate Zone Table

    Benefits Beginning-level aerobic training; reduces stress Basic cardiovascular training; good recovery pace Improved aerobic capacity; optimal cardiovascular training Improved anaerobic capacity and threshold; improved speed Anaerobic and muscular endurance; increased power Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 53: Index

    Auto Pause Auto Scroll backlight battery charging information bike accessories bike mode cadence data fields calibrating bike sensor (GSC Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual foot pod GSC 10 power meter calories clean the Forerunner clear information compass countdown timer courses deleting...

  • Page 54

    Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual satellite page satellite signals acquiring screen contrast software downloads software license agree- ment software update specifications speed data fields...

  • Page 55

    ID units updating software USB ANT Stick user profile Virtual Partner 13, 14, 18 weight scale workouts custom interval zones heart rate power Forerunner 310XT Owner’s Manual...

  • Page 56

    For the latest free software updates (excluding map data) throughout the life of your Garmin products, visit the Garmin Web site at www.garmin.com. © 2009–2010 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries Garmin International, Inc. 1200 East 151 Street, Olathe, Kansas 66062, USA Garmin (Europe) Ltd.

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